Why Do Cats Meow?

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Even a child knows and can imitate a cat’s meow. The familiar “meow” is not just a cat-sound. It’s actually a very sophisticated method of communication. So why do cats meow?

You can learn a lot about your cat  if you pay attention to its sounds.

A cat’s voice is actually just as individual as a person. You might have a cat that almost never makes a sound or you can have an extremely happy talking cat. Different breeds also have different ways to meow on. Siamese are famous for their unique high-pitched howl.

Look at me!

The most common meow is the cat’s attempt to get attention. Context can tell much about why your cat meows. If it goes back and forth to the kitchen, it probably wants food. If your cat meows when you just arrived home, she is probably just happy to see you and wants to be stroked or taken up.

The welcome-meow especially the one which is repeated constantly, is also related to mating. A cat will sometimes meow constantly to make males conscious about her availability. Some cats can develop a long and constant whistling which they will perform day and night.

Sometimes cats do weird babble or even sheep-like sounds when they sees a prey, she can’t get hold of. Nobody is quite sure why cats do this. Some suggest that it is a sound of anticipation or frustration. Some believe it is one of the cat’s strategies to lure prey to investigate the strange sound. I, however, don’t believe this last theory.

Growling, spitting, hissing and whistling are aggressive shouting or defensive howls. It’s usually pretty clear whether the cat is angry or scared. Also, purr sounds doesn’t need much explanation. Your cat is simply happy.

It should also be mentioned that if you have a quiet cat who suddenly starts to meow or a loud cat that suddenly silent, it may mean that your cat is ill. You should pay particular attention to the cats meow constantly, while they use their box or while they’re cleaning themselves or eat. This may indicate that your cat does not feel good.

Listen and enjoy your cat’s meows. Your cat wants to be understood.

A short but nice video of cats talking and meowing

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  9. Louise Silver

    On October 11, 2010 at 3:16 am

    This is good. I have 3 cats, who all have a different meow. And in fact, I meow to them and they answer hehe!

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    Sounds really nice Louise! :)
    I’m soon getting my second cat. I really look forward to this.
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  18. B Nelson

    On November 4, 2010 at 9:58 am

    Cats meow for many reasons. I have 6 cats, each one has a different meow, you can tell who is who without looking just by the meow

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    That’s right. 6 cats? I would really like one more cat. They’re (can be) so nice… If you know your cats well then yes, you can.
    Even though my cat is black with white face, breast, paws and stomach (maybe a grammatically-wrong sentence) and there’s a lot of these in the area where I live, I can always recognize my cat :)

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