Why Does My Cat Do That? Cat Rubbing Head on Everything

For many of us understanding our cats behavior is a challenge. Here though is one cat behavior that you can understand why they do it and be able to understand it better and that is why does my cat rub her head on everything!

I know from watching my own cat I see her rubbing her face all over everything all the time and I am trying left trying to figure out why she did that. She seems determined to rub her head on everything that I have from my television to my dresser at least twice a day. The puzzling part for me though was figuring out why she would come up and rub her head on my even though I didn’t even leave the house! However, after talking to my vet I figured out why my cat rubs her head on me and I thought I would aid others in figuring that out as well.

My vet told me that she rubs her head on me because she is claiming ownership of me. You probably seen or heard that cats like to claim anything and everything as there own and one of the methods that they do this is by rubbing their heads on the item. The disgusting part of it when my cat rubs her head on me is when she starts to drool all over me or I see the little drool spots on the furniture after she leaves that area. The only good thing though is that when she is rubbing her head on me and drooling though I know that she loves me.

Now you are probably asking though since they marked me as theirs in the morning how come in the afternoon they are back marking me again? Well that is because they are putting their scent back onto you because it will wear off during the day. I know that for me it can be annoying because my cat does drool quite a bit and she always seems to want to rub her head on me during the time when I am trying to get up to make dinner or do something else.

 For many of us though we enjoy knowing that our cat loves us enough to mark them as theirs. If your like me I am sure that you will feel special each time that your cat comes up and shows you some form of affection even if it means that you do get a little bit of kitty drool on yourself.

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