10 Dangerous Dogs

These are the 10 most dangerous dogs.

10.dalmatian (weight 40-70lbs)

this breed is distinguished by intelligence and perfect memory, Independence and survival instincts. sometimes they can be aggressive toward people.


9. boxer (weight 50-70lbs)

these dogs are smart and full of energy. it is very difficult to train them, but they are not typically aggressive dogs

8. presa canario ( weight 80-115)

it is well known that an attack of this Hugh dog can bring death to any prey. one of the main attributes of this dog is its fearlessness, Hugh power and man stopping ability


7. chow chow(weight 50-70lbs)

the chow chow needs staunch attention if treated badly the can become aggressive

6. doberman pincher(weight 65-90lbs)

these dogs are famed by there alertness, intelligence and loyalty that is why they are considered one of the best guard dogs out there. this dog wont usually attack unless family is in danger or it is provoked


5.Alaskan malamutes(weight 75-100lbs)

this breed requires a lot of exercise to be happy the they’ll become obedient there characteristic is full of energy and activity. 


4.huskies(weight 44-66lbs)

despite there energy and smarts this dog is not a good guard dog because of its kind temperament. but in between 1979 and1997 15 fatal cases were caused by huskies

3. German Shepard (weight 70-100lbs)

these dogs are known as smart and vigilant they are used as k-9 police unit!

2. Rottweiler(weight 100-130lbs)

due to there Territorial instincts these dogs are very aggressive. people often use them as guard dogs

1. pit bull (weight 55-65lbs)

this is one of the most brave breeds out there. this is why they take place in a lot of dog fights. it is known that they can even take a human, with their locking jaws. they’ll stay clamped until the the prey is dead.

and the most dangerous dog of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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