10 Facts About Dogs

10 dog facts that you’ve never heard of before!

1.The rock star Ozzy saved his wife Sharon’s Pomeranian from a coyote by beating and wresting the coyote until it released the dog.

2. A dog’s shoulder blades are unattached to rest of the skeleton to allow greater flexibility for running and moving.

3. The phrase “raining cats and dogs” originated in seventeenth-century England. During big rainstorms, many homeless animals drowned and float down the streets, giving the appearance that it had actually rained cats and dogs.

4. The most dogs ever owned by one single person were about 5,000 Mastiffs owned by Kubla Khan.

5. The most popular male dog names are Max and Jake. The most popular female dog names are Maggie and Molly.

6. Strange dog laws include allowing police offers in Palding, Ohio, to bite a dog to quiet it. In Ventura County, California, cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permition.

7. The smallest little dog on record was a matchbox-size Yorkshire Terrier. It was 2.5″ tall at the shoulder, 3.5″ from nose tip to tail, and weighed only 4 ounces.

8. A dog can locate the source of a sound in 1/600 of a second, it also can hear sounds four times farther away than a human can.

9. It is much easier for dogs to learn spoken commands if they are given hand signals at the same time.

10. The oldest dog on record was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey, the dog lived for 29 years and 5 months. In human years, that is more than 160 years old.

Hope you found something that you didn’t already know about dogs. 

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