10 Tips on How to Really Connect with Your Canine Buddy

10 Tips on how to really connect with your dog and get the most out of him/her.

You ever wonder why despite everything you do you and your dog can’t see eye to eye?   You ever wonder why he or she  doesn’t mind you? Have you ever thought maybe its because you don’t listen to him/her?


  1. If your dog is whining, it may not always be for attention, sometimes there might be something else wrong.  A good pet owner always pays attention to his/her pets needs. Remember, animals are like children, they need to be guided. If your dog is crying or whining, pay attention to the tone, know your companion, most dogs have a different tone for a different occasion. It all comes back to how well you know your furry friend.
  2. Most people believe that feeding a dog people food is bad and is spoiling them. Spoiling maybe so, but bad no. In fact most animals and wildlife need a diverse diet in order to get all the different nutrients and minerals available. Feeding dogs people food, with the exception of certain kinds, Ex. Chocolate.  Ensures that they get all the vitamins and minerals that they wont find in there dog bowl. And why throw away what they will eat? All my dogs have lived long happy healthy lives, and a proper WELL rounded diet was essential for doing so.
  3. Brush your dog! Just like you and me, nobody likes to feel dirty and nappy, including dogs, brush them and take care of there coat if you have a long haired dog, and see how they feel about looking sharp ;)
  4. Every dog needs exercise everyday.  If your pet is over excited and has alot of energy, its probably because he/she is bored. Take your pal for a walk and when y’all get back, I bet your canine buddy will be much more calmer.
  5. Dogs are like children, they feed off of emotions. If your sad and depressed your dog might get that way too or try to cheer you up. Always be self aware of how you feel around your dog, doing so can help you determine alot of the time his/her needs.
  6. Patients! people.. If your dog doesn’t get it right the first time, try something else or try again, not every dog is the same, and not every dog learns the same either. Its always best to try different approaches with your dog, doing so will allow you to determine what works best and what doesn’t.
  7. Does your dog like to dig? If you cant beat them, join them! for those of you pet owners who has a dog that no matter what you do, will dig after a while of being bored. Why not train him to dig gardens? or give him a designated digging spot. I mean there’s always options :)
  8. You every wonder why dogs chase you and bark at you all the time? Its either because you don’t like them  or because they can sense your afraid of them. Most of us who like dogs aren’t afraid of them because we understand them. But a dog always knows what you think about them.
  9. Don’t get a dog unless your willing to attend to its needs, most dogs are rather needy compared to other  pets and its because, dogs love their owners and want more then anything to be loved by them.
  10. If you get a puppy, especially a German Shepherd one, be prepared. During their teething stage everything left on the floor might get chewed up. Proper discipline should be used, but remember patients  is essential during these moments of your pets life, He’ll get better, and eventually get over those urges through time.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please feel free to comment and give advice. A good writer always needs a good audience, thanks and have a wonderful day!

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