Are You Really Ready to Get Your First Pup Home?

Well adopting a living lifelong friend is not an easy choice to make as they require a lot of love and care and not just food and water.

  Planning to bring home your first dog ?? Very exited ?? But before you do so its better you give it a second thought , a serious thought about wether you are ready …… did you take this decision in haste and impatience just because you love animals or dogs in particular ?? or after lots of research and thought .

 Yes im not joking , im not writing such harsh phrases just because i think the dog might give you a hard time or because i dont want you to get a dog  , its because im worried for the pup . 

 Before you bring home a dog – adult or a pup there are many factors to consider .

  • Do you have the time ?? – The first and foremost thought should be wether you have enough time to spend on the dog ?? Can you keep it entertained for most portion of the without getting bored ? Will you have time and patience to clean all the pee ??

 Dogs and puppies especially need a lot of attention not only for the basic requirements like food , water and a walk when grown up , a dog is like a member of the family and will get emotionally attached to you . If you leave it alone when its a puppy for long hours this bonding of master and dog will be made slower and eventually will be a problem for . Also do you have enough time or the time to spend and hour or half an hour playing with the dog ? potty training the dog ?Do you also have the time to brush and groom the dog atleast once a week ?? These are all vitla questions needed to be answered by you before you bring a dog home . 

  • The size of your house – The size or the ammount of space the dog gets is vital on chosing the breed that suites you . You or your dog wouldnt want to be cramped up with no room for indoor exercise .You dont want a big dog knocking over all your furniture and showpieces in a cramped room . Yes there are dogs  that can reamin in a small area but you should focus on buying those dogs only .
  • Cleanliness – A dog sheds fur just as we shed hair and drool a lot . If you dont like it when your floor is littered with strands of fur you should definitly not buy a dog . There are dogs that shed comparitivley less but no dog is gonna be zero . You should be ready to clean your house regularly .
  •  Love – Are you gonna be able to gove your dog what it needs most ?? Yes , how much love and attention you give your dog is gonna have a huge impact on its behaviour in general and towards . gonna keep your dog chaied up all day ?? Expect to be woken up in the night be screams and cries of anguish .


  • Money – A Pet is gonna need a lot of money and the readiness to spend it if required . A dog is gonna need a regular visit to the vet , food , a leash and of course ; toys. 

So consider before you get your own lifetime friend who humans are not supirior than just because they cant talk . 

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