Best Youtube Documentaries on Wolves

Here are some of the best wildlife wolf documentaries on YouTube that you can watch for free.

After my dear beloved dog died, I coped with grief by watching a lot of documentaries on wolves in the wild. My dog was a German Shepherd and wolves reminded me of her. These documentaries also shows the life a wolf in the wild, how they are born, live and die. It reminds me that death is just a part of life. 

In the Valley of the Wolves

This is the absolute best documentary on wolves, and my absolute favorite. Wolves have been wiped out in the United States for 70 years, they were systematically hunted and slaughtered. Then after a decade of lobbying, Canadian wolves were re-introduced into Yellow Stone Park. This documentary follows the lives of those wolves, as they reintegrate themselves back into the ecosystem. There is also a first part of this documentary, introducing the creation of the Druid pack, must watch. 

Survival of Wolves and Grizzly Bears

Since wolves have disappeared, the grizzly bears dominated Yellow Stone park as the top predator. So we wonder what would happen to grizzly when the wolves returned, would they compete and starve each other off? It turns out that the grizzly missed the wolves, and the grizzly’s have had a kind of parasitic relationship with wolves for thousands of years. They follow wolves on the hunt then steal their food. Since the wolves are afraid of the larger grizzly, they just let it have what ever it wants. This documentary is so cute, because bears are so cute, even when they’re evil. 

White Falcon White Wolf

This is a film by the BBC on the arctic wolf and the arctic falcon. It turns out that all the animals in the polar ice caps are white, and very beautiful. The wolf story is very endearing, about a young female wolf who has a hard time growing up and plays too much. She gets separated from her pack because she has short attention span. Very cute and funny, she gets reunited with her pack in the end. 

Discovery Living with Wolves

I’m not a fan of this docu, because the wolves live in an artificial habitat that is caged off. And the story is more about their care takers than it is about the wolves. Did not even finish it. 

BBC Wolf Battlefield

Another poorly made documentary on wolves, not recommended. This documentary uses too much stock footage that you probably already have seen from other documentaries. It shows the darker side of wolves, but the presentation is too negative and portrays wolves as mindless predators. When they are really beautiful noble animals with a role to play in nature. They love their families and care for each other. 

BBC also has another docu/series on wolves about a “wolfman” who lives with wolves and is trying to get his girlfriend to like his wolves. It’s funny but very lame. It’s more like a zoo keeper of wolves getting his girlfriend to like his job. 

Liked it


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