Big German Rottweiler Puppy (May 2012 R.I.P.)

A big unique three month old German Rottweiler, very unique pictures and

This was my big 3 month old Rottweiler puppy.He died one year ago from a disease called parvovirus, this only occurs on dogs and regularly on puppies.

I can tell you that these German Rottweiler’s are very loyal to their owner or owners.They’re the best dogs for guarding territory’s, that’s like their passion.They’re very stubborn when they’re puppies, they like to bite the pants of people and they also like to bite hands of people.When they fully mature they don’t do these kind of things.They dont like when they see people that they don’t know touching their owners, when they see that they start to defend their owners right away.German Rottweiler dogs are very smart dogs, if you treat them wrong they’ll remember that and most likely attack you if you treat them bad again, just remember that they bite hard.If you live in a bad neighborhood where there’s lot of violence going on, and you want good guarding dogs, well German Rottweiler’s are the ones.They will protect until the end is here.They bark super loud.My German Rottweiler started to bark since the first hour I got him, he was only two months when he did that.My German Rottweiler had his tail docked, they look better with their tails docked.They like to play fight a lot when their puppies, they’ll only not play fight when they’re sleeping.Give these dogs calcium when their puppies so that when their fully developed they’ll be big.Please leave a comment on my article.Thank you for checking my articles out, like always it’s your friend Spectacular from, peace.

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    On February 27, 2010 at 7:35 am

    nice share..cue puppy.

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