Bringing Up Pets Around Kids

A pet at home is more than a source of fun. You get life’s lessons when you have a pet at home.

Raising kids is a full time job. And in the middle of it when your children start clamoring for a pet; all you can think of is, here comes more work. Well, can’t blame you. A new pet does mean additional work, but pet ownership may actually help you with your kids. Here is how:

Pets teach responsibility

Who said that you have to look after the pet all by yourself? Be very clear from the start, the children can keep a pet but they have help in looking after it. They will be expected to walk the dog or feed the cat or the fish. They will keep the water dish clean and full of fresh water. Meals and cleanliness of the pet is also where they can actively help. Supervise them by all means in their chores, but let them take responsibility. Looking after a pet teaches valuable lessons to children about time management and nurturing. Looking after a pet that is unwell and making time from her playtime to look after the pet will go a long way in making mature and responsible adults later on in life.

Pets help in learning

Pets are nonjudgmental and kids love to snuggle up to them and make their first efforts to show off their new skills like reading. Apart from that, children learn a lot about nurturing and caring for animals if they have a pet at home. A child who is a slow learner or developmentally challenged benefits tremendously from the company of a loving pet.

Pets provide a playmate

How long can you play with your child? Not every time he or she wants you to? But a pet is always ready to play and loves it. Pets provide great companionship to children, especially to a single child. Their comforting friendship is a great stress buster to all kids. Dogs and cats especially provide endless hours of fun and entertainment to children of all ages, and also to grownups. Have you ever watch a cat play with a ball? It can’t get more amusing than that! Or the way kids just love to snuggle up with dogs or just watch him chase his tail around the living room. There is hardly a child that doesn’t love to spend time watching fish swimming in their tank or the birds in their nest.

Pets provide friendship

Pets, especially dogs are some of the best and most loyal friends your child can have. The perfect confidant! No wonder kids with pets are better at handling stress.

Pets and family time

Pets often than not become the center of the busy lives of parents as well as children. You invariably spent a lot of time together while grooming your dog, or playing with your kitten. This becomes a part of a lot of lovely shared memories.

A pet at home is more than a source of fun. You get life’s lessons when you have a pet at home. Responsibility, nurturing, respect for life, loyalty, friendship; pets teach a child about life, love and yes, even death.

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