Cairn Terriers are Awesome High Energy Dogs

Caurb terriers originated in Scotland on the Isle of Skye. They were used to hunt vermin. The Cairn terrier became well know when the dog Toto played in the movie "The Wizard of Oz." They are a playfull dog and make great family pets.


Cairn terriers are believed to have been around since the 16th century in Scotland.  It is believed they originated on the Isle of Skye.  There were many landmarks and memorials around Skye called cairns which are pile of stones.  The dog was used to flush vermin from this cairns or piles of stone.  They were used to hunt fox, otter and badger that lived in the cairns so if you choose to get a Cairn terrier do not let their small size fool  you as they are a very tough little dog and they are totally fearless.

They became well known when a Cairn terrier named Toto appeared in the movie “The Wizard of Oz.”

Cairn terriers are great for active families.   They love to play with children and most of them do make good family pets.  Most Cairn terriers will play for hours and never get tired.   This makes them great companions for the active person. Cairn terriers favorite pass time is playing and balls are usually their favorite toy. 

Cairn terriers are always checking thing out.  They love attention and they will easily learn to do tricks.   They are very quick at learning just about anything you want to teach them.  They love the challenge of obedience training.

You will need to make sure your Cairn terrier is properly trained.  An untrained Cairn terrier has a tendency to be destructive when they get bored.

You do not need to worry about their coat.  They were not bred to have a beautiful coat.  The coat of a Cairn terrier is weather resistant and sheds very little to no fur.  This will make them a great indoor dog.

Being the smallest of the terrier breeds makes the Cairn terrier venerable to some health problems.

You must take care in feeding Cairn terriers as they gain weight rapidly and they can become obese in no time.

Cairn terriers are extremely sensitive to fleas.

They are one of the best terrier breeds for family pets.    They will give you years of love and devotion.

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