Did I Tell You?

I am sure I did!
Senile moment.

I breed Shih Tzu, I think I did, but just chalk it up to another senile moment, I just thought about it right at this moment, a face book friend which we sold a puppy to from our first litter has been posting pictures of him his name is Teddy and he is such a cutie,  I believe he has to be about 3 years old by now.   Shih Tzu’s are such great lab dogs and the good thing is no shading. I personally have 2 girl and 2 boys and 1 rat terrier all great dogs. Bella my girl dog just had a litter on march 26 now Brie my other girl will be mated withBenji our male this  month beginning of Aug. just waiting for you know what and than 10 days from that point is the time.  After we are done mating them then our breeding days are over. Just 5 times each girl.  Bella will be going on 4thtime in 6 month and Brie this will be her first time this August.  We had no intention of getting another one but we kept one from her second litter which gave us 5 dogs. I know I am nuts, but as long as my house is spotless and does not smell of dog all is good! You have to keep them all groomed and cleaned, it makes for a better day!  Believe me I have this down pat! LOL

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  1. Eiddwen

    On July 26, 2012 at 6:24 am

    Interesting and thanks for sharing.

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