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Having owned dogs for ages,  over thirty years now, of all shapes and sizes, I can honestly claim to be a dog lover. The doggies I have now are lovely, adorable, cute and fun loving creatures that give me a lot of love and are very loyal to me.  In many ways they are better than people.  At the moment I have four lovely dogs, three boys and a girl.  You can see a video of me and my doggies on You Tube if you like.  They have a lot of fans.  They are hairless Chinese cresteds.

I like to surf the web and find places that are interesting to go back to. I wanted to find a good dog site that I could use the way you use a magazine. One where it is interesting, informative, fun and not too serious or intense.  Possibly meeting other people who were also into dogs  as that would be a great bonus.

I searched online looking up all sorts of matters relating to dogs and in the end found one site that I keep returning to.  You can find it at  It is fun, interesting, informative, helpful and free.

It certainly beats buying magazines and spending hours and hours trying to find another site that is as good.

Go to the section called magazine and join in free of charge.  Learn and enjoy.

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