How someone completely disregarded someone else’s ownership of a dog.

Dogs are man’s best friend. We love dogs so much that they’ve reached the esteemed status of being family. Not only do we provide them with the basics, food and water, we provide clothes, treats, play dates, and even celebrate their birthdays. If anything were to happen to our dogs, we would be devastated.

A family in Michigan came home to find their dog, Aspen, missing from their yard. The father checked his cage, but he wasn’t there so he thought his daughters let Aspen in the house. No Aspen there either. In Aspen’s doghouse was a note from the dognappers. The note basically states that dogs are pack animals and should not be kept outside or in cages or on chains. Doing either of these leads to behavioral issues apparently. The person insists that they will take better care of the dog by showing it the love it deserves. This person had the nerve to sign the letter, “Someone Who Cares About All Dogs.” Full Letter Left By Dognapper

I’ve read several different news stories about this and none of them state that Aspen was mistreated. The family immediately contacted authorities, posted fliers, and are offering a reward. In fact, animal control had received a call about Aspen once before and found he was in good health. The family’s daughters say Aspen is like a brother to them and they hope for his return soon. Situations are described where Aspen was always being played with and neighbors vouch for that. Aspen is up to date on his vaccinations and has a microchip. To me, it seems like Aspen was well taken care of and loved.

Whoever took the family’s dog had no right to do such a thing. While their letter is well written with a detailed explanation, they don’t back it up. They don’t say that they’ve seen the dog outside all day in excessive heat or blizzards or that no one is ever playing with it. As I read through many comments, I was appalled by people cheering on the thieves. Since when is committing a crime acceptable?  Just because we believe something doesn’t give us the right to act on it. How can we force our beliefs about animals on to someone else? People love and treat their pets differently. Not everyone chooses to dress up their dogs or always let them roam the house. It doesn’t mean they don’t love their dogs, it just means they raise their dogs differently. Choosing to cage your dog while you’re work doesn’t make you a horrible person.

The message has been received; people in America really love dogs. Responsible people don’t take matters into their own hands. If they believe an animal isn’t being treated correctly then the proper authorities should be called. Having a pet means showing responsibility and love. I hope Aspen gets home to his family soon. Best wishes to the Perez family.

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