Eight Superb Reasons to Get a Dog

Many people want a dog but fear that it will disrupt their lives and lifestyle. If you are in doubt about getting a dog here are eight superb reasons to get a dog.

Dogs are man’s best friend, mainly because they were one of the first animals to be domesticated by us, which means we have kind of adopted them as our animal friends. Dogs are good for children and adults alike, so if you are thinking of getting a dog there are some reasons to get a dog right here, 8 superb ones in fact!

If you are worried about getting a dog with children, do not worry. It is true that there are some dogs that simply are not suitable to be around children, because they are highly strung and can sometimes be aggressive in nature. However, there are dogs suitable as family pets which should give you peace of mind.

There is simply a dog out there for everyone!

Dogs Offer Great Companionship:

It does not matter your age, a dog can provide excellent companionship for a good 10-20 years. Dogs are loyal and will always be there by your side for as long as they live.

For children, having a dog in the household teaches them special social skills, mainly non-verbal social skills. Having a dog gives children the value of friendship, how to treat another living thing, and trust as well as responsibility. 

For adults coming home from work, and having your dog there to sit with you can be a great comfort. If you are single, other than family and friends can be the only companionship that person has.

Dogs have been linked with the older generations health, both physically and mentally, in a positive way. It is thought that by owning a dog later in life, can actually prolong life. This is because that person is out walking the dog and mentally they have something to live for and care for.

Dogs Are Good Exercise:

This is one of the most popular reasons to get a dog, as it gives people something to exercise with, and the motivation to start with. Without a dog, many people simply would not bother to exercise because they have not got a reason to do so.

If you have to exercise the dog, then you exercise yourself because that is the way it works. It also gives you the opportunity to visit places that you may not have done in the past, such as hills, beaches and pretty places to walk. If you have children these are usually free which is a great day out for them as well as making them tired.

Allows You To Meet Others:

Dogs can be a great way to meet new people, and the reason some people get a dog is so that they can be more sociable and meet other people. You meet all kinds of people, who will talk about all kinds of things from the weather, current affairs and of course your beloved animals.

If you feel lonely, or think you would like to meet new people, a dog could be the bridge to do this.

Can Deter Burglars:

Seldom are burglaries an unplanned event, and usually a burglar would have scouted around to see who lives there and if there is anything valuable in the first place. If you have a dog, it would be one of the first things that a burglar would notice and would most likely put them off. This is a great reason to get a dog as it would provide a sense of security and the right dog would guard to the death to protect you.

Healing Hounds:

Dogs have in recent years started to be used as “therapy dogs” for people with handicaps that affect their life. These dogs give these people something physical to touch that shows love regardless of disability.

For the healthy person, dogs can still heal emotional wounds such as grief and depression, as well as lowering stress and blood pressure levels.

Dogs Don’t Argue Back!

If you live with people who constantly argue with everything you have to say, then a dog could be for you. As a dog owner myself, I sometimes love to just and talk rubbish to my dog. It may sound insane, but the thing is he listens. He may not be able to understand everything I say, but the fact he’s listening goes a long way. When you talk to people it seems that they don’t listen. By talking to a dog, you can get a sense of worth back, and let off some steam also.

Their Cuddles And Kisses Are The Best Around:

I can guarantee you that dogs give the best, most affectionate kisses and cuddles around. In fact they are so good at them, that you will get to prefer a cuddle or a kiss from your dog than your partner! If you are feeling low, snuggle up to your dog and they will make you feel better.

Fun Factor

Dogs are fun! Especially when they are puppies. They want to be involved in everything, and some of the things they get up to will give you hours worth of amusement. My dog’s favourite trick as a puppy was to jump out of the lounge window, which is ground floor, but still it meant that we couldn’t open the window for ages. We laugh about it now, back then it wasn’t funny but he was mischievous and we love him for it. Dogs make memories.

If you want a dog, get one! These reasons should have persuaded you, but remember owning a dog is a responsibility and unless you can care for it, do not get one.

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