” Faith ” The Dog Born Without Front Legs!

This really an inspirational story of a dog named Faith, that learned to walk like a human!

Faith was born on the Christmas Eve of 2002. His owner was terribly shocked when he realized that the puppy does not have any front legs. He decided that he will have to put this puppy down, but a lady by the name of Jude Stringfellow, stepped in and decided to take the puppy just as he is! She decided that she was going to teach him to walk, and she surely did!

Today Faith is almost world renown! He and Jude travel the world and gives inspirational talks where ever they can. Faith was even considered to play in on of the Harry Potter movies! This is really an inspirational story!  

Next time you begin to think you can not do something, you start to think about Faith, and how he could do almost the impossible! We can do anything we put our heart to, with the power of Christ working in us!


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  1. momofplenty

    On May 27, 2012 at 11:08 am

    Amazing! Inspirational and motivational

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