Favorite Breeds of Dog in U.s. Cities, and Why!

A tongue-in-cheek look at the favorite dogs in U.S. cities as cited by the American Kennel Club.

Man’s best friend, the dog, is also a favorite for cities around the country.  Who knew that some cities find certain pooches more popular than others?  Who knew that statistics about this existed?  The American Kennel Club knew that’s who.  And which pooch enjoys the welcome mat in any particular city tells a lot about the city, it’s citizenry and perhaps the way we live.

Take, for instance:


According to the AKC, the 5 most favored dogs in tinsel town – and some of my own non-AKC reasons for their popularity – are:

1. Bulldog – in L.A. there aren’t enough security guards to keep the paparazzi away, let alone make your home safe.  Again, there’s no back-end deals to bother with when you have a dog patrolling for you.

2. German Shepherd – Ve have ways of making you like this dog.

3. Labrador Retriever  – someone has to do the ‘fetching’ for the Hollywood glitterati, and they work cheap.

4. Yorkshire Terrier – a favorite of the plethora of psychiatrists in Hollywood, their constant yapping – the dogs, not the docs – leads to more visits to the shrink.

5. Golden Retriever – see “Labrador Retriever,” but a “golden” comes at a higher pay scale.


Atlanta seems to suffer from an identity crisis.  It’s got the University of Georgia and it’s ‘bulldogs,’ but doesn’t think the bulldog is worthy of being in its top ten of favorite dogs. 

1 & 2. The Labrador and Golden Retrievers are in the numbers one and two spots – somebody’s got go and retrieve the fish, birds and other game that the fishermen and sportsmen are collecting, so something calling itself a retriever is a no-brainer.

3. German Shepherd – a breed that appears on a lot of cities’ top ten list, probably a tribute to Col. Klink of “Hogan’s Heroes” fame.

4. Yorkshire Terrier – Georgians don’t talk to people who have a “northerner” as a pet, yet the Yorkie is a fav.

5. Boxer – Maybe they thought it had something to do with underwear?


Our nation’s capital has a well-honed reputation for its dogs, not all of them four-legged types.  But Washington, D.C. has a top four (guess they couldn’t agree on the fifth) collection that gives a lot of insight into how our nation’s capital works, or doesn’t.

1. Labrador Retriever – mostly residing on “K” street and is quite at home with the other lobbyists who will fetch almost anything for elected officials, particularly large donations.

2. German Shepherd – America will take any ally it can get these days.

3. Yorkshire Terrier – a favorite of the diplomatic core, this breed’s position on the top ten list rotates with breeds from other members of the international community.

4. Bulldog – as in I’m not going to compromise; I’m not going to agree with your position, but you have to agree with mine.


1 Yorkshire Terrier – Of course – the breed most likely to be seen on HGTV’s “Selling New York.”

2. Labrador Retriever – Most likely retrieving that purse some guy grabbed and ran off with.

3. German Shepherd – See above and most likely to eat the guy alive who made off with the purse.

4. Bulldog – Still not compromising in New York any more than it is in Washington.

5. French Bulldog – Tough looking outward appearance, but will actually compromise on anything.

Yes, everyone has his or her favorite breed.  If you’d like to find the favored breed’s in your city, go to www.akc.org/reg/topdogsbycity.com.

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