Five Reasons NOT to Hit Your Dog

People tend to hit there dogs when they misbehave or don’t follow a command, I’ll explain why this does not help at all, but makes things a lot worse.

While some people think that hitting their own dog will help them do tricks or obey commands easier they are wrong, dead wrong. Even a light spank now and again will make your dog change for the worst, because the dog never understands why you hit him/her, the reason being is that they don’t understand English or any other language but only the tone of you voice and the sounds it makes, for example, saying “Sit” in a high pitched voice will make your dog understand that tone of voice and the sounds as a command to sit down and will respond positively to it in the future, unless, you use violence.

1:When you hit your dog, he/she will begin being confused and will slowly stop listening to your commands until you raise your hand at him/her only then will the dog sit down or do whatever you wanted it to do, out of fear. This is bad if you want your dog to be loyal because having a pet constantly fearing you is not something to be proud of. I am a dog owner myself and I have never made her do anything by force, if she’s bad or barks at the neighbours I simply pick her up, move her away and send her to her basket for a few minutes so she understands that barking at the neighbour is a bad thing, I of course let her roam free after 5 minutes.

2:Another bad result in hitting your dog is obviously hatred, your dog will begin hating you until the hatred has built up so high the dog will eventually attack you and do some serious damage (depending on the size of the dog of course). Also the dog will usually destroy things as a way to let out anger, similar to some of us when we get angry. My dog loves me (what can I say, I’m a lovable person) because I always treat her well and never, under no circumstances hurt her. 

3:The 3RD reason not to hit your dog is abandoning. Yes, the dog will abandon YOU if you are not careful in how you treat him/her because they would have put up with your excessive hitting/cruelty. This behaviour is much like some teenagers too, when teenagers get treated unfairly they sometimes tend to run away from home for a while except dogs rarely return, they are usually found and/or put into dog pounds and wait for adoption. If they are no adopted after a period of time, they are put to sleep.

4:Another bad result in hitting your dog is it’s dramatic behaviour change. It can go from a very cheery dog to a dull, sad and boring dog in a matter of months, this can be bad if the breed of dog is a cheery and happy type for it will affect literally everything is does. Some people may like dogs that do nothing, but that’s why there are so many breeds, yet some people want to make , for example, a German Shepherd into a dog that does not do anything and is not lively it can change it’s eating pattern, its lust for bones ect.

5:The last reason is that hitting your dog makes YOU a bad person, you will turn into someone mean, cruel and someone who despises animals. This is bad for you, the people around you and animals around you. Dogs in particular because they can sense someone’s mood by nature, they can also sense if someone is a bad person. German Shepherds are one of the greatest dogs for sniffing out bad people, which is why they are used as Police Dogs and airport luggage sniffer dogs to track down anything that’s bad, like drugs, is getting through customs.

This concludes my 5 Reasons why not to hit your dogs, please leave your thought and comments below, thank you. 

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