Five Ways to Help Your Dog with Bad Breath

Does your dog have a distinctly unpleasant mouth odor? Here are some simple ways to help your dog with bad breath.

You love your dog but what about his breath? Does it leave you less than enthusiastic about his licks and kisses? There are a variety of reasons that a dog may suffer from bad breath, but the most likely cause is buildup of plaque along your dog’s gum line.

Before assuming that this is the cause, it’s probably a good idea to have your dog seen by his veterinarian to rule out more serious causes such as diabetes and kidney disease, particularly if your dog is older. If your dog with bad breath gets a clean bill of health, here are some simple remedies for dogs with bad breath:

  1. Reduce the Plaque

    If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth regularly, now is the time to start. By brushing regularly you can significantly reduce plaque build up which will reduce mouth odor in a dog with bad breath. Brushing your dog’s teeth daily would be ideal. If this isn’t possible, aim for at least twice a week.

  2. Change Your Dog’s Diet

    If you’re feeding your dog canned dog food and table food, this may be part of the problem. When you feed dry dog food to your dog with bad breath, you reduce the build up of plaque along their gum line due to the massaging motion of the harder food. Table food, particularly foods high in sugar, is something that should be avoided both for your dog’s mouth odor and for his health.

  3. Stimulate Your Dog’s Gums

    Another way to help your dog with bad breath is to give him a nylabone to chew on daily. The massaging action of the bone against your dog’s teeth and gum line can work magic in regards to plaque removal. Rawhides also are effective massaging agents for reducing plaque build up, but be sure you’re present when your dog chews on rawhide since they can be a choking hazard. There are also bones designed specifically for reducing bad breath odor in dogs.

  4. Consider Chlorophyll Tablets

    Another option to help your dog with bad breath is to purchase chlorophyll tablets at your local pet store. Chlorophyll has a natural deodorant action and can be an effective remedy for dog bad breath.

  5. Add Some Charcoal

    The next time you’re at your local pet store, look for dog biscuits that are black in color. These biscuits have added charcoal which can help to bind to odor causing substances that can cause dog bad breath. This can be a very effective remedy for dog bad breath.

Give some of these suggestions a try and you’ll have shortly having your dog with bad breath smelling sweet.

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