German Naziz Tried to Teach Dogs to Speak at Ii World War!

German Naziz Tried To Teach Dogs To Speak at II World War!

German Naziz Tried To Teach Dogs To Speak at II World War!
According to the historian of the University of Cardiff, Great Britain tried to talk to the Nazis during World War II to train dogs. 

Investigator Jan Bondensoni approval based on the dog’s attempts philosophy that people and nature have a strong bond, writes The Telegraph. 

“Their position was that a Nazi is a good friend to animals,” said Bondenson. 

University of Cardiff researchers published a book on the trials of Nazi Dog “Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Curiosities Canine.” 

1920th loomapsühholooge acted in Germany, who said that dogs were the same as intelligent people. When the Nazis got to power, they began to make their theories based on experiments with dogs. 

“The Nazi-trained dogs, animal psychologists worked. Dogs were designed for school-Tier Sprechschule ASRA, where they were taught communication, “explained Bondeson. 

It took the dogs in a school near Hanover Leutenburgis. It was founded by the 1930thMargarethe Schmitt, a psychologist from the animal, and it operated throughout the Second World War period. 

It is known incident in which one of the mongrel dog responded to the question of the dictator Adolf Hitler’s. When asked about the dog, who is the Hitler, the human voice imitating the dog said that it could be interpreted as “Mein Fuhrer”. Unfortunately, no recording of this experiment that prove it. 

Part of a trained German Shepherd dogs to be able to express a special lõrisemise that they are hungry. 

Most of the subjects studied in dogs, however, to express themselves through the feet.The dogs were trained to knock käpaga. Knock the alphabet to a corresponding number of said note. 

According to documents in the Nazis was one of the Terrier so clever that even managed to put together the poems. Bondensoni book, unfortunately, does not reveal which of these poems. 

Hitler liked dogs. He had two German shepherd, Blondi, and who bore the names of Bella. Blondi was with Hitler in Berlin bunker. The dictator was killed by a dog before the end 1945th was shot. 

According to these dogs Bondensoni revealing little-known stories of Nazi Germany’s.PRESS ON FACEBOOK LIKE!!!

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