High Frequency Fun

My latest article tells you about the wonders of high frequency sounds. And how to have fun with them…

   High Frequency Fun

A very fun way to mess with people under twenty is to use a silent dog whistle. It has nearly the same effect on humans as it does on dogs. The reason it works with people under the age of twenty is because its high frequency. As you get older, your eardrums begin to deteriorate until one day you go stone deaf. When you finally reach the age of twenty, you end up losing almost 10% of your hearing. This means that frequencies, say, higher than 16kHz, become almost silent to the aged ear. A great way to do so is to play it on an mp3 player at its loudest volume or, on a laptop, at its highest volume. I am currently doing so as I write this article. It’s quite hilarious, because nobody can pinpoint the exact source. Also, here are a few ways to get a lot of fun out of this is to play it during class, or at work. It can even be used as a regular old dog whistle. But I warn you, do this at your own risk, because it will not be my fault if you get caught, or find a few furry new friends following you home.

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