How Do You Bathe a Sheltie Dog?

Here’s how to properly bathe a sheltie…

Shelties can be easily identified by their long, beautifully-colored fur. Because their fur is so long and thick, shelties can be slightly difficult to brush, bathe and groom. Although difficult to achieve, a properly groomed sheltie dog is quite a sight to behold.

You should only bathe your sheltie when he is dirty. This is necessary due to the sensitive skin of shelties, that can easily become dry, flaky and itchy when overwashed. Unless your sheltie is very dirty, plan on washing him only three or four times per year.

Unlike many other dog breeds, shelties tend to enjoy their baths, making the task of bathing easier on their owners. When it comes time to bathe your sheltie, you should make sure to gather the necessary supplies and keep them close by, so you don’t end up scrambling around looking for items while your dog is being bathed.

Brush your sheltie before bathing.

Brushing your sheltie before you place him into a bath will loosen and remove any loose fur. This way, you can make sure the hair is removed prior to bathing the dog.

Use a gentle dog shampoo.

Like some other dog breeds, shelties have very sensitive skin. Only very mild dog shampoos should be used to wash their fur. Avoid the temptation to use shampoos formulated for people, as they are much more drying, and will wash away the protective oils shelties need on their skin.

Use cotton balls.

Before you bathe your sheltie, place cotton balls into his ears. This will prevent water from entering the ears, which could possibly cause infection or other types of irritations. Be sure to remember to remove the cotton balls when you are finished bathing your sheltie.

Blot, don’t rub, when drying.

Rubbing your sheltie with a towel loosens the undercoat, making a mess. You should blot with the towel, instead. After blotting with the towel, dry your dog’s hair the rest of the way with a blow dryer, brushing it as it dries.

This level of grooming must be performed each time you bathe your sheltie. Otherwise, your dog’s beautiful coat may become tangled or matted. You will enjoy your sheltie’s soft fur even more after he is bathed.

Your sheltie is sure to turn heads!

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