How to Exercise with Your Dog

Do you need a little fitness motivation? Why not enlist the help of our canine best friend? Here’s how to exercise with your dog.

Are you having a hard time staying motivated to exercise? It’s much easier to stick with a fitness routine if you have an enthusiastic partner to exercise with you. Why not team up with your dog? Exercising with a dog can be highly motivating since they’re always ready to go. Plus, both and you and your dog can benefit from your fitness sessions. Here are some suggestions for exercising with your dog:

Take a Hike

Your dog can be a great hiking partner. The best time to hike with your canine best friend is first thing in the morning. Pack some water for both of you and head out for a two hour hike just after the sun comes up. If you live in a hot area you’ll want to do this early in the morning to avoid the risk of your dog overheating. Try a different hiking trail each time you hike and you’ll never get bored with your routine. Plus, you can burn up to 800 calories on a fast paced, two hour hike.

Play Frisbee

Did you know you can burn 200 calories per hour playing frisbee with your dog? Of course your dog will probably burn a few more calories than you will chasing after that flying disc, but you both will get some fresh air and feel fitter after a fast paced game of frisbee.


A dog is an enthusiastic running partner and will look forward to each jogging session. When you first start jogging with your dog, train your dog to stay on your right side during your jogging sessions to avoid the risk of crossing in front of you, causing you to fall. Start out slow and watch for signs that your dog may be overheating such as excessive panting or serious fatigue. Take along lots of water and

be prepared to take a break if necessary. Gradually increase your time and distance while watching your dog closely for signs of overtraining. A dog can be your biggest ally when you don’t want to get out of bed to exercise. There’s something about an enthusiastic wagging tail that makes it easier to hit the pavement.


A dog can make a fitness walk much more enjoyable. Try taking a different route each day when you head outside and you’ll both enjoy your walks more. Try walking on the beach, along walking trails, and through a variety of neighborhoods. This shared activity will help to build a stronger bond between you and your dog while you’re burning calories.

Other ways to exercise with your dog include taking your dog to the lake where you both can walk and swim and by participating in dog walks to raise funds to help homeless animals. Use your imagination and you may come up with a lot more interesting ways to keep you and your best friend fit and trim.

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  1. David

    On January 4, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    Including your dog in these types of exercise routines is also the number one way to relieve your dog’s stress and anxiety. Dogs were born to walk and the sedentary lifestyle we force them into is the number one contributor to our pet’s health problems today.
    If you cannot give your pet daily exercise, consider hiring a walker or looking into a doggie day-care that will provide your pet with the exercise they need.

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