How to Find a Good Name for a Dog

Many pet owners find it difficult to find a good name for their beloved pets. Luckily there are many good names to chose from, ranging from the classic names to one’s that are more unique.

While everyone loves their four legged friend, it is difficult finding the right name. The name has to be something that shows your dogs personality and has to be something everyone in the family likes. Not easy is it? Here are some tips to make it easier:

Tip 1-Length

Shorter names are not only easy for you to say but good for your dog too. A shorter name is much more easily understood by your pet. Having a shorter name will therefore make it much easier for your dog to be trained by you.

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Tip 2- Personality

Every dog is unique so the name of your dog should reflect his/her individual personality. You are advised to stay away from embarrassing names (like stinky, smelly etc). Children in particular might make fun of your dog and start treating him/her differently. It’s embarrassing for you too, imagine calling out to “Stinky” in a park filled with people.

Another thing to avoid is a name associated with something negative. Try to associate your dog’s name with something positive instead. By using your dog’s name whilst yelling might make your dog associate his/her name with something negative. It will make it harder for them to respond to you when you call for them.

Tip 3- Fashion disaster

There are many people who follow the fashion world. There’s nothing wrong with that but you should avoid when it comes to naming people or pets. Fashion trends change every now and then but you end up stuck with the name. There’s nothing worse than being named after a trend that has passed and had its day.

Tip 4- Family

Talk to your family and make a decision as one family. Everyone should be happy with the choice made. If two people do not agree often they will call the dog what they want. This will confuse your dog. Try and find a name that has some meaning for your family. If, for example, you are a sport loving family you can have a sporty name for your dog.

There are many classic names for dogs that are still very popular. Names such as Buddy, Bouncer, Scooby or Sport are just some of the names to choose from.
Naming a dog is a very important task but most of all is loving your dog. Dogs want lots of love and attention from a good owner. Make sure you give your dog plenty of love and affection.

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