How to Have an Obedient Dog

Deals with the training of dogs, especially the Cocker Spaniel.

The cornerstone of good behavior in a dog, especially Cocker Spaniels, comes with obedience training. It is not the dog that won’t listen it is usually the owner not knowing how to teach a dog properly. Every dog wants to please their owner but if they don’t know how the dog can’t be blamed. Once a dog is trained properly you will find you have a much happier and heathier dog which makes you the proud owner of a dog that obeys.

To train your dog you do not need to invest a lot of money but you must be willing to invest your time. Consistency is crucial when your training. The first thing you will have to invest in is a dog collar and leash that is comfortable for your dog. Be sure to choose a leash that is best for training and be sure you know how to use it properly. Every dog responds better to positive reinforcement such as praise or treats, your Cocker Spaniel will not be any different. Some people have great success with clicker training.

Don’t be impatient if your training don’t happen fast enough , this is where patience comes in. Keep your training periods short at first , no more than 15 minutes long. Puppies have very short attention spans but you can have two or three sessions a day. Even older dogs can become bored with longer training sessions. When you began your sessions start with the simple things such as “sit “ after you have accomplished this then you can add “ lie down” and “ stay”. One important word in training is “come” that’s when you are teaching him a life long lesson that will bring many rewards throughout the years. After your dog has mastered these commands you can start teaching your Cocker Spaniel other tricks and have fun with them.

During your Cocker Spaniels growth you are sure to run into times when your dog becomes a little defiant , when this happens it’s important to keep your cool but don’t hesitate to correct the problem immediately. Don’t ever punish your dog for these behaviors but you have to show him you mean business. Remember patience and consistency is the answer to training. There are other options for training your Cocker Spaniel such as obedience classes but if you have the time and energy you will succeed on your own and your dog will love you for it.

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