How to Train Your Dog?

Raising a puppy is essential to make an animal obedient and good company, you can take with you anywhere. Here are some tips to prepare your dog.


If the dog is the best friend of man, it is also known for his instinct to dominate. That is why we must, when we adopt a puppy, make him understand the hierarchy from the start of your home and its rules.

So that your dog does not become the master of your own home and does not show aggressive, you must make him understand you are the leader of the pack.

So prepare your dog does not mistreat or yell at him, but simply to teach him the rules of life in your home. Rest assured, the training will not make your pet miserable, but will make it a more sociable companion.

A firm tone

In preparing his dog, one must adopt a firm tone when spoken.

To talk, lean towards him and use short words. Your dog must first learn to recognize his name (preferably choose a name short and easy to pronounce). This name will allow you to call when you want to obey an order. Say the name before adding a brief order.

Here are some simple commands to which a dog may respond:
• no, must be delivered in a firm voice and unequivocal action reprehensible
• seated along with the order, apply firm pressure of the hand in the kidneys for the dog to sit, then praise him by saying “it’s good” with his name and caress it .
• Coated: do the same by removing its legs so that he sets

Two other useful words are “come” and “stop” you can teach him with patience during your walks.

Note: if your dog fouls, punish him immediately. After that it is too late, because your dog does not have the sense of time and does not remember the offense. When he obeyed, always praise him with a reward (petting).

The basic rules

Another rule is to draw his dog not to yield to his every whim:
• a dog should eat after their masters and not during meals
• he must sleep at the place you assigned and not in your room
• Your puppy may potty outside at age 2 months, the first two months, planning a small space dedicated and take him here when he wants to do his business
• Your dog must learn to walk with you: why, walk with your dog on a leash and pull a slight jerk every time your dog tries to pass you or pull on the leash. Teach them to always walk the same side.
There is no need to pull hard on the leash because your pet will do the same.

Note: there is no need to shout with a puppy; to scold him, you can take it by the scruff of the neck and shake gently. It is a gesture that bitches are scolded for their young.

Although some breeds dogs are calmer than others, like the bobtail, the Borzoi, the Labradoodle or the Bouvier des Flandres, depending on education and the attention the dog receives. You will need to devote to your puppy time and energy …

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