Inspired by Asleigh and Pudsey

So many have been inspired by victory, here is an example.

Ever since the victory dance of Ashleigh and Pudsey, to clinch the 2012 edition of the BGT, so many people dogs, and other four-legged animals have been inspired to reach for the stars. So when I heard there was a man performing with a dancing dog in one of the streets of the my city, I was intrigued, though cautious. I was not surprised by the crowd that had gathered oblivious of the wiles crooks.

I inched my way to the front only to see a dog whose whose anger matched the sweltering sun. it looked hungry as its master looked wasted. Their combination kinda scared me so I took a safer position at the periphery still watching.

The master gave a command, and the dog responded with a growl, which made me all the more wary. The master laughed nervously, wiping beads of cold sweat that formed on his face. The assistants calmed the audience down, assuring them that all was well, but few others and I were not. I looked down at the durable pair of slippers on my feet, and felt the strong khaki of my shorts (just in case).

I took a closer look at the dog to see snarling lips, which seemed to draw back each time its master drew nearer. When it barred its teeth, I shuddered and wondered if the crowd could not see the stark hunger the dog felt.

the master now frustrated began yelling at the dog while the audience grumbled and chided him. The now angry master reached out for the dog who let out a bark, that sounded like a reproach, and the dog leaped into the crowd, probably hoping to escape its misery. The result was pandemonium, and confusion, we all ran in various directions seeking our own escape. Our dreams of seeing a dog dance evaporated as we dispersed.

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