Is Your Home Safe for Your Dog?

There are many items in your home that are not safe for your dog. They are household cleaning items that you might use every day. House plants can also harm your dog.

There are many homes that are not safe for a dog and the people do not even realize it. Many household products are bad for your dog’s health. These products must be kept out of your dogs reach. We now keep so many household cleaners that are unsafe for pets in our homes. If you think, your dog has eaten any chemical, cleaner, or any other harmful product you need to contact your veterinarian immediately.

There are products in your laundry room that are toxic for pets. Your laundry detergent and fabric softeners are toxic to your dog and other pets. Severe mouth burns, vomiting, and muscle weakness can be caused by ingesting fabric softener. Laundry detergents should not be kept where a dog can get to them, as they are harmful if ingested.

Many homes have bleach on hand and it contains many harmful chemicals. It contains peroxide, and hypochlorite, which are very harmful chemicals. Bleach is harmful to your dog if he inhales it, by ingestion, and sin contact. If your dog gets bleach on his skin, give him a bath immediately. If a dog, inhales bleach fumes he will cough, and could have trouble breathing. The symptoms of ingesting bleach are vomiting, or throat and abdominal pain. Keep your beach where your dog cannot get to it. You might think these items are all in plastic bottles and are sealed so there is no danger but there is, as some dogs will chew everything they come in contact with.

Toilet bowl cleaners usually contain acids and these are very harmful to dogs. The symptoms are vomiting, lack of appetite, and ulcers. When you are cleaning the bathroom, keep your dog out of the room. Do not close the door because the fumes are bad for you. Toilet bowl cleaners also have alkalis that cause more severe acid reactions.

Batteries and dishwashing detergents also contain alkalis, and must be kept away from your dog. The best place to deep dishwashing detergent is under the counter. If your dog gets into cabinets put child safe locks on them.

Check your closets, and bedroom corners. Dogs can think mothballs are candy and mothballs contain insecticides that can cause vomiting, and seizures. If you use mothballs, make sure your dog cannot get to them.

Your houseplants can be harmful to your dog. You must make sure your houseplants are safe. Some harmful plants are ferns, lilies, mistletoe, holly, ivy, oleander, and aloe. These are some of the harmful plants, and you must make sure your dog cannot get to them.

Mouthwash, denture cleaner, and contact lens solution are harmful to your dog. They contain boric acid which if ingested can cause seizures, drooling, and vomiting.

Chocolate and other substances that contain caffeine are harmful to your dog, and will have the same symptoms as poisons.

Plastic wrap, and candy wraps can harm your dog if he ingests them. They can cause esophagus problems, and suffocation.

Keep all harmful items away from your dog and especially watch puppies, as they will eat anything they find. Keep your home dog safe and you will have a healthy and happy pet.

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