Jack Russell Terriers

A little about the breed of dog and a little about the one I have.

If you are thinking of owning a Jack Russell be prepared. I have learned quite a bit about them. The one I have is all white; she is not albino, but white. From what I can find on this she is pretty rare. Her name is Monkie she got her name because of how she acted as a puppy. She made sounds like a baby monkey and she could climb, still can very well.

I knew this breed was a high strung dog but maybe I got one who is a little to hyper.

Make sure you have room for them to run and play, while being a small dog they are not considered a house dog by standards unless you have a good size home. Mine loves to play, spray the hose she will jump thru the air to try and catch the water. She is also quite protective and territorial about her yard. She loves to catch mice and will chase squirrels and can go about 5 foot up the tree after them, farther if the tree is leaning some, its like running up a ramp for her. When she was a puppy I had built a run for her to be in outside if I left her sight she would climb the fence. Caught her doing this many times.

They are a very loyal dog and extremely smart. She listens well and they are easy to train as dogs go, at least the one I wound up with was. They like to dig and will dig to get at almost anything in the ground, chipmunks, ground hogs and foxes.

 Jack Russell terriers were originally used in fox hunting; they would go down in the fox’s den and chase them out for the hunters. If they couldn’t get in they would dig to get in. They seem to be a tireless dog and will go non-stop playing and chasing almost anything.

Mine is a heck of a mouse hunter. When she was a puppy she would lay on a chair in the kitchen by her food bowl, if a mouse came out to scrounge a little of her food, off the chair into the bowl and have the mouse. Where we live now we get a few in the winter and she will lay by the stove and wait for one come out just to try and catch it. She will lay there for several hours waiting.

They are a pretty affectionate breed and love lots of attention so if your looking for a Jack Russell, its more like getting a room mate in my opinion than a pet.

Being a muscular dog they do need room to run and play and will do so a lot. They don’t mind returning the love and affection either so if you’re a dog lover and thinking of a Jack Russell chances are you’ll be very happy that you got one.

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