My Fur Baby

In this article, I’ll be introducing my pet. I’ll be attaching photos of my pet from the first photo I’ve taken and the last photo of hers.

I have been wanting to have a shih tzu breed for my pet. My friend said to me that there is a good veterinarian that I could check out when I’ll be adopting my pet. So since I’m a newbie, I went to have an appointment with the vet and ask some pointers in taking care of a shih tzu. But as I entered their clinic, I saw these cute puppies and just what I am looking for, they are the breed that I want. So I decided to buy one and here is her first ever picture that I have took.

I named her Misha. The vet told me to choose one of the puppies but I think she’s the one who chose me.

Here are some of her photos.

She’s sleeping in this photo. :p

I have a lot of things that learned in taking good care of a shih tzu breed. And I’ll be writing an article too on how to take care of them. Misha is one of those who makes me happy, when I see her all of the things that I’ve been thinking, the problems, stresses will be gone. She is so sweet and now we can understand each other. Her every actions, my commands, everything. That’s why I don’t let anything bad to happen to her.

And here is Misha now. A cute 6months old shih tzu. :)

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