Nano Pinscher

Dogs big school German for centuries has been able to provide a strong and sturdy large animals, but also a sweet little pet. Nano Pinscher is an example of small dogs and has most in common with the history of the German Pinscher great and noble.

Pinscher always stand out to a broad range of sizes found in this breed, but only after several centuries has been possible to isolate two different races (and more precisely at the end of ‘900). Throughout its history, Miniature Pinscher is always tied to horses and stables, in where he had the task of removing rats and other rodents. Small and agile, able to sneak anywhere without problems and do the job well. The first club Pinscher Pinscher Club was founded by Joseph Berta, but the race was obviously already known. In fact, the first breed standard was designed a few years earlier, in 1880 by the German Strebel dog Richard.Diferensiasi of two races, however, began in 1900, when the Miniature Pinscher making their first appearance in an exhibition. In the early nineteenth century, in fact, there is an intense work as much as possible to reduce the size of the Nano, which causes Pinscher Standard and size that still exist today. In fact they are always smaller size but at some point the job “miniaturization” he stopped, because the intention is to select a few small dogs, not monsters this trees.Today, Pinscher Nano is quite extensive and raised in Italy and around the world, and very popular in the United States.

features and standard pinscher nano

Anyone who has spent a few minutes in the company of Nano Pinscher will remember the energy, life and happiness excited this little dog. The Miniature Pinscher is so, always alive, always busy with something, always moving with the little people and her step gambettine short but elegant. An ideal companion for an active owner, dynamic and sport can also be a good family dog ​​and apartments. It requires a lot of attention by the master and can be an ideal dog for the elderly and sendirian.Ini also a friendly dog ​​and bearing taunts in the game, as long as it still respected. Funny and smart, easily become more familiar with strangers and immediately understand what attitude can save and which not. Cute and funny, the Miniature Pinscher will look great in an apartment, but you will still win in a house with a little garden ‘, where you can have fun and let off steam. In connection with other dogs no problem accepting voluntary koeksistensi.Hal can be easily defined Miniature Pinscher Miniature Pinscher version. Head strong and gradually narrowed from the eyes to the tip of the nose. Muzzle wedge-shaped ends but not pointed and rounded nose and white. Teeth scissors, full and firm. The ears are set high and erect, while the dark oval eyes, medium and large. Short body trunk and a total length according to the height at withers.Ekor set high and straight. Hair is short but bold colors and solid or bicolre. Varieties range from brown to receive chocolate, brown or black stripes. Height at the withers varies from 25 to 30 cm and weigh about 2-3 pounds. Live long enough period, an average of 12-15 years.

alimentazione pinscher nano

This dog, because it is small, does not need a large amount of food. One hundred grams of food per day would be enough to ensure a good diet and keeping fit dogs. Food can be based on feed dishes prepared at home. Feed, wet and dry, has major advantages that are balanced and proportionate to the needs of dog food. The quality of food is important, however, and often the price can be an indicator that baik.Nutrisi is very important in dogs and when properly prevent the onset of many diseases and dysfunctions.

disease pinscher nano

Ensuring the protection of dogs against some very dangerous infectious diseases is very important and even some of the recommended immunizations Pinscher Nano. Distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and rabies vaccination is done in some puppies, but before any action is always a visit to the veterinarian, who will have to devise a plan for the vaccination of dogs. Also the animal is usually done to prevent the formation of periodic deworming cacing.Nano Pinscher, as Pinscher, having a healthy and robust constitution, and there is no particular disease or inherited disorders. It will not be necessary to do so because he was short and healthy hair care.

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