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You would think that in the year 2012 measures would be taken to be more humane to animals, but when you see, read and hear the stories coming out of Romania you cannot help but to be disgusted and heart sick. While not every country has the means to give the best animal care to strays, it would be reasonable to believe that humans would do anything within their means to help relieve and stop the pain that a stray can go through. Even when euthanasia is the only option, at least it could be done professionally to lower the suffering that an animal goes through, but that is not always the case.


It is a common sight in some places of Romania to see a lot of strays on the street. They wander the streets or look for heat under a parked car. Some of the people will take care of the strays, and while most of them will not formally adopt them, they will feed them and set up a shelter for them. Other people find the strays “annoying” or in some cases truly want to help them get adopted, so they will call animal control. While calling animal control may seem like a reasonable option when there is a non-kill policy, it is certainly not the case here.

Money For Nothing

The kind of cruel conditions that the animals are put through by animal control is really inhumane. Do you think that a shelter that gases or injects the animals as a means to euthanize them is bad enough? Well in Romania, the problem gets worse because a lot of these shelters will get money for spay and neutering programs, but will not perform the sterilization procedures. Their reason to do so is that as long as there are intact strays, the money will keep coming in. Fortunately, there are humans who actually care.

Help In On The Way

There are organizations many times international that want to help these poor souls. One of them is Our Friends Dog Rescue, but as much as they want to help they also need resources. That is where you come in; if you saw the conditions of these animals you would not think twice of making a contribution. A few cents a day could make all the difference in the world to these animals. You may not need that second cup of coffee, but they need that little from you to have a second chance at life. Won’t you please help?

You can visit their no-kill Romanian dog shelter website at OurFriendsDogRescue.org.uk. Currently they are in desperate needs of donations because they are about to lose the land their rescue is on. It will cost £16,500 to secure it and complete the move. If they do not raise this money over 300 dogs will be seized and killed. Wont you please help them? Every donation, no matter how much is appreciated. 

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