Puppy Agility Training

Puppy Agility Training.

You may be asking, “When can I begin speed exercising with my new puppy?”   Pet pets are always studying, so whenever you are with your pup you can be enjoying and interacting with speed in thoughts.  Always keep in thoughts, if you can management your puppies atmosphere, you can show and practice the conducts you want, eventually left on their own, even in a fenced in garden, puppies will understand and create conducts that later we may want or need to put out.
One of the first conducts we show our pets is “Table” or “Box”. This  conduct transactions to the speed stop desk.  But more than that, the desk is the middle and management factor of our dog exercising. We present pets and mature pets to the desk set at a 12 inches size.  If you have a very little pup you could use an 8 inches desk, but even with larger pets we use the 12 inches desk and not greater. To begin, attract pup up on a low stop desk, cure him for getting on the desk.  Once the pup is relaxed getting up on the desk, then attract the pup up to a sit.  You can also attract to a down. 
Next you want to perform on range to the desk. If you have a individual to help you you can use a bright focus on menu on the desk, take the pup and take a phase returning from the desk about 3 toes.  Have your tool create a disturbance to get the pup’s interest, and position a cure on the desk.  Launch your pup to, “Go desk.”  The pup gets his compensate only when getting up on the desk.  If you don’t have a tool, than position your cure in a protected package that will be acknowledged as a cure box for your pup.  Depart the cure package on the desk, phase away from the desk about 3 toes, experience the desk and say, “Go Table”.
If your pup is very youthful, you can carry him as you raise him off the desk and shift away from the desk.  If your pup is too big for you to carry then use a flatbuckle training collar and lighting dragline for your pup.
Now present your advances to your pup.  But you are not going to use the leap cafes yet.  First you want your pup to go through or between the leap uprights.  Set a leap about 4 toes away from your desk. Take your pup to the other part of the leap. So you are protected up pup, leap, then desk.  You want to get your pets interest to the cure on the desk, either with a tool or a cure package, release your pup to the desk, “Go Table”.  Let the pup run prior to you, but go fulfill him at the desk so that he can get his cure, compensate him then provide him another cure for seated on the desk.
Progress with including one additional leap at the same period. Space the advances about 3 toes apart. You are creating a leap chute that will cause the pup to the desk.  Remember your objective is to develop the control, “Go” and “Table”. You are also coaching the pup to shift out prior to you, operating away from you and getting relaxed operating around platforms and advances. Your pup is getting acquainted operating through the leap uprights, but you are not concentrating on having your pup leap.
With all your dog exercising, have fun with your pup.  Use all your puppies motivators, compensate, playthings, and meals.  It is up to you to be more exciting to your pup than all the other disruptions out in the garden.

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