Safety of Dogs

The safety of a dog is very important, especially when you don’t want to lose your favourite companion. After reading this article, you will be taking more precautions about the safety of your dog.

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Whatever the size, breed and age of your dog, anything which could possibly harm it must be taken away and kept out of reach. Young puppies are very curious and inquisitive and do not know much about dangerous items in and around the house.

Electric cables and wires should be carefully hidden, as a really bad electric shock may cause death. Do not keep any poisons, like rat killers, within the dogs reach as that may also cause death to the dog. If your dog manages to eat some poison(s), the best bet is to take it to the veterinarian immediately. You should always very carefully place poisons in the house. There are even a number of things in the bathroom that can harm your dogs.

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Some plants are very harmful to dogs and domestic cleaners frequently contain toxins. Make sure that the dog doesn’t get away with chewing a sharp object, like glass, while you are not looking. Broken glass and other sharp objects, if swallowed, are lethal. If your dog has swallowed a sharp object, take it to the veterinarian immediately. Sharp objects, if stepped on, also injure the dog’s feet.

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