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Family Protection or is it just safe to own a Guard dog your decission may save you and your family’s life. The Doberman is by far the Best Family Guard and Protection you may have when your alone.


Dog Lovers do you need a Protection Dog, are you safe at home or walking the streets. Welcome to you night mare nothing is safe any-more what protection do you need than a loyal friend

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Welcome to my site where I am a Breeder of the Doberman Protection Dog and My Ideas and be leafs and what I see and recognise about the Doberman they play-fullness with people and the aggression they can show to others people.

The Doberman are a loving and can be social dogs that can never get enough loving from their owner, they play day in day out. They are also wonderful with children but not necessary with other dogs, Unless they get to grow up with the other animal first, but then they are a dog and the will fight.

There are thousands upon thousands of stories about the Doberman and what they are capable of doing to people. Unless you have owned one only then you will start to think twice about what you hear the Doberman . Information about the Doberman on (wikipedia)

I am a Security Dog Handler, I have worked with other breeds of dog such as the German Shepard and the Rott wheiler and Shepard X Rotty, I have found the Doberman are the best Work Protection dog I have trained and worked with so far.

Why I say this as the Doberman is a natural Protection and Work Dog this is what they were bred for and this is what they do best. Work Protection and Guard.

A friend of mine Breeds Doberman’s too, I ask him a question starting out with the Doberman about my Female which had 14 pups in the one litter he said, not that unusual as he breed 18 in the on litter. Man that is a lot of puppies to care for. But fun.

Puppies when they are or just before they are walking around play, They play bite when even next to one another crawling around. But its when they can walk around is the most enjoyment of it all.

As they are older the walk faster and trip hit bump it onto one another and then they start to run and jump..Wow what a lot of funny things they do, When this happens get a camera and start taking Pictures and monies of them, you will enjoy watching it in the future on you TV Big Screen, I do.

Training your Doberman is not that important as it is in their blood to protect their carer or their handler in the first place. But I start to get the aggression out from when they are at 6 to 8 weeks old and only for short spurts and to around 4 months of age then hey will do the rest.

Advance training will need to be more aggressive as when they get to around 9 to 12 moths old but for your stay at home pet or protection dog it is all up to you where to go from there.


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