Several Tips to Help You Choose The Ideal Plastic Dog Kennel

Plastic dog crates should be taken into consideration when shopping for a portable dog crate. This article will explain some of the benefits of such crates.

Purchasing plastic dog carriers can in several ways be in contrast to purchasing a house for you and your household to reside in. Having said that, it is harder than choosing a house, since a dog won’t tell you its requirements; well, at least not verbally. In fact, there was a study that showed that a significant amount of portable animal kennels are not snug enough for the pets that are inside them. The following tips can help you in choosing the best dog kennel.

The 1st step in deciding on a plastic dog kennel is to know your dog and find about the behavior of the dog. For example, is it an over excited or a playful dog? An intense dog would react better to warm colored structures to keep it calm. On the flip side, dark colors can make playful dog less playful when you are contained in dark colors.

Consider the size of your pet and purchase a somewhat larger plastic dog crates. You can measure the size of the dog by utilizing a tape measure. You can do this by measuring its approximate height, length and width.  Ideally, the portable plastic crate should be big enough for the dog to stand or stretch. Nevertheless, it should not be big enough for it to play or jump around.  And, the weight of the animal needs to be considered too.  Having said, plastic crates are made to withstand most dog weights.

Also, what is the age of your dog?  Younger dogs are still not fully grown so consequently, their crates need to be somewhat bigger to accommodate the expected development. Plus, it would be wise to know the largest size that your dog can grow to and make sure to keep that in mind. Otherwise, you may have to purchase another cage later as the dog outgrows its crate.

As you can imagine, plastic is a weak conductor of heat. As a result, a plastic crate is ok for a hot climate.  Although, even if you utilize a plastic dog crate during cold weather, the dog will not lose heat; wire kennels do the opposite. Furthermore, plastic crates are more stable as they have a strong base to keep the dog secure.  A benefit of plastic crates is that they are usually permitted by airliners and wire crates are not usually accepted.

One of the main reasons of plastic kennels is to move freely with your dog. Consequently, it has to be portable.  If you carry your dog in the crate often, you may want to get a carrier with wheels.  There are lots of styles of plastic dog crates which are obtainable for you to pick. Therefore, a good place to see the designs is by looking on the internet.  Moreover, you can see all the colors obtainable. Most sites will provide an ample selection to choose the ideal kennel for your pet.

This short article was authored by Ryan Moore, the president of PetsMadePortablecom, a pet travel supply store.  If you would like more material on this topic, please click on plastic dog crates or go to the store homepage at

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