Shots Your New Puppy Must Have

When you get a puppy he must have certain vaccinations to help him from getting sick. These vaccinationas are very important and he must have them or he may get sick and die.


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When you get a puppy there are some shots that are necessary that your puppy gets or he could get sick and die.  You can not just get a new puppy and feed and water him and figure he will grow up to be healthy and happy.  It does not work that way as there are some life threatening diseases out there that will attack you puppy and you must try to protect him against these diseases by getting him vaccinated.

It is very important you vaccinate your puppy against canine distemper.  Canine distemper is a virus and it is extremely contagious especially to puppies.  It is passed thru the air and is also transmitted through bodily secretions and contact.  Puppies are most likely going to get the disease.  The virus can be fatal and that is why it is important that your puppy be vaccinated against the disease.

You must also get your puppy vaccinated against parvovirus and it is a deadly disease and very common.  Your puppy should receive a vaccination against CPV2 which causes the parvovirus disease.  Parvo is a severe medical condition and the symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea.  If your puppy has a weak immune system he may die from dehydration.

CPV2 is spread through dog feces and rodents are the primary carriers of this disease.  If the dog eats a diseased rodent he will get infected with the virus.  The virus can survive 5 to 12 months under the right conditions.  CPV2 is resistant to cold and warm temperatures.

Your puppy must be vaccinated against rabies before you can license him.  Dogs get rabies when they are bitten by an animal that has the disease and sadly there are no successful treatments.   The virus attacks the dog’s brain and the dog will die from respiratory failure.  The dog should be vaccinated against rabies at about 12 weeks.

In dogs adenovirus-1 causes hepatitis and it is passed through nasal discharge and urine.  This virus attacks the respiratory tract at first, causing coughing and a sore throat.  The virus then goes to vital organs such as the kidneys, liver and sometimes the eyes.  The vaccine for hepatitis is also effective against the adenovirus-2.  This one causes cough and respiratory problems.

Your puppy must be given these 4 vaccinations if you want him to grow up and have a health and happy life.

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