Signs If You Love Your Dog

Media, as we know it, tend to show the cute sides of a dog. The truth is, there is more to having a dog. A dog can be obedient and loving or mischievous and mean. In the end, what matters is your relationship to your dog. So who are you?

Servant, Master or Friend?  


A dog’s servant is someone who is at the mercy of a dog.


SIGN # FIVE: You follow a trail of your dog’s poo and pee. 


Potty training is hard because it requires discipline and patience on the dog owner. The dog has to be monitored, caught in the act of crapping and carried to the right “crap spot”. Not once. Twice. Thrice. Then repeat process. 

If you don’t have discipline, you end up being the dog’s servant: cleaning up his crap trail.

SIGN # FOUR: Your dog decides when it’s playtime – and you give in.

Your dog messes up your life. 

While sleeping, he wakes you up with a ball in his mouth… and you give in. 

While taking a bath, he howls for your attention… and you give in. 

While working, studying or cleaning, he paws your leg for attention… and you give in. 

While eating, he jumps to your lap and tries to get your food… and you give in.

You say your dog is annoying… but you still give in.

SIGN # THREE : While walking your dog, he leads the walk.

Ever notice wolves? When they take a walk or go on a hunt, the leader stays in front. Everyone else is behind. Ever notice hunting dogs? Say beagles? They may all be beagles but the dominant dog is in front of everyone else. 

So if you’re behind your dog while you walk your dog… it’s your dog who’s doing the walking. Not you.

SIGN # TWO: Messes up the house. Or just your gadgets. Or the appliances. Or whatever he can chew on. Again. And again. And AGAIN…

This means your dog does NOT ACKNOWLEDGE that you own the house. He thinks it’s his territory. Since your stuff are in his territory, he can chew on whatever interesting he can sniff, smell, touch or see. It’s not his fault. You are his servant anyway.

TOP SIGN: He shows those puppy dog eyes… and you’re history.

The ultimate sign of a servant. Enough said.



A dog’s master is the opposite of a dog’s servant. The relationship between a dog and it’s master will just be dog and master. These are people who have no loving relationship with their dogs. Most of the time, dog masters are people who gave up on their dogs. In short, they don’t care about their dogs. They just own a dog.

SIGN # 5: Your dog has serious personality problems

If you’re complaining that your dog barks too much or is a danger to anyone around him, it’s not your dog’s fault. It’s yours. As a dog owner, a large percentage of your dog’s personality develops from the way you treat it. Do you beat him up? Then don’t wonder why he’s mean and ferocious. Do you isolate him? Then don’t wonder why he’s shy. Do you deprive him of either food, socialization or walks? Then don’t wonder why he barks too much. 

Some people say their dog was already mean, shy or noisy when they got it. Dogs CAN be trained no matter the age, gender or breed. They just need either time, rehabilitation or discipline. If you can’t find the time to give this to your dog, then you just own a dog. You’re just a dog master. 

SIGN # 4: You hit him. A lot. 

Dog masters don’t want or will not find time to go through the hard process of training a dog. As a result, there is no other way to control them. They just hit the dog. With their hand. Or whatever they can find.

SIGN # 3: He spends most of his life tied to a leash or inside a cage.

I’m sure you’ve seen them. I call them “locked-up dogs”. When Shpot (my beagle) and I walk by those dogs, they start barking like crazy. 

It’s so wrong. If you own a dog like this, let me ask you some questions. 

Do you see the muscles on your dog’s legs? Imagine how much they ache to run even for a few minutes.

Do you know a dog has a powerful sense of smelling and hearing? Imagine how hard it is for them to smell thousands of

scents or hear thousands of sounds everyday only to be limited by the four corners of their cage or the length of their rope? 

Do you understand your dog has flesh, blood and bone? Imagine how much he needs socialization, training, love, care, discipline and attention and yet he spends his life looking or doing the same thing. Almost. Every. Single. Day.

SIGN # 2: Your dog has moderate to serious health problems – and almost nothing is being done about it.

A dog who’s been sick for a really long time is a dog who is not being cared for. Does your dog have fleas? Does he have little to no fur? Is he sickly? Are his ears clean? His nails rimmed? Does he vomit a lot? Is his nose and anus wet? Have you done almost nothing when you saw this? 

Never give an excuse that you don’t have money. Getting a dog means spending on your dog FOREVER. You can’t expect your dog to never, ever be sick. 

Put it this way: If you just got a baby, then the parents should be financially prepared for spending on food education and health. The parents are in charge of the child’s future until he’s big enough to be independent. 

It’s like having a dog. You are in charge of your dog’s health until he or you grow old and die. It’s pretty obvious that in the 21st century, everything has a price (sucks but it’s true). For your dog to be healthy, it’s important to set aside money for his health. 

Now everyone goes through financial problems. That’s understandable. If you love your dog, you’d still do whatever you can do make sure your dog can eat. Or if he got sick, you’d find any way to cure him. A dog owner, on the other hand, will not include the dog into the budgeting during their financial problems. The dog is left to fend for himself.

THE TOP SIGN: He’s got sad, sad eyes.

As they say, the eyes tell everything. A dog may be mean and ferocious, silent and shy or noisy and hyper but if you look closely, the eyes are very, very sad. 

They’ve got good reason too. It’s because when they die, you won’t even care.



SIGN # 5: You call his name… he runs to you with his head and tail up high.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the time to train your dog. Training is not just calling your dog, it includes potty training and other kinds of discipline. A dog isn’t just about kibbles, belly rubs or cuddles. He needs discipline or he’ll be out of control. And you don’t want your little (or big) friend to be out of control, right? 

SIGN # 4: Above average to great health.

You want your dog to be healthy – and you do something about it. 

The reason why i included the ‘above average health’ is because not everyone can afford the top tier doggy care. Not everyone can buy the medically approved shampoo. Or bring their dog to a pet spa. Or veterinarian. What I’m saying is, a dog can be healthy without spending too much. But then again if you have the money, why not? 

In short, you find ways for your dog to be healthy enough to enjoy life!

SIGN # 3:  Your buddy walks beside you.

A famous quote says, “Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” 

Do you want your dog to walk in front of you? Nah, you don’t want to be his servant. How about behind you? Nah, you don’t want to be just his master. 

You want him beside you. And you want him beside you not just when you’re walking him. You want him beside you as you go through your and his life. He’ll be part of your graduation, wedding, ceremonies, birthdays etc. He’ll be there during your heartbreaks, pitfalls or depressions. You’ll be there when he gets sick or gets a little litter of his own. You’ll be there as he grows old and dies. Friends never leave each other. 

SIGN # 2: You make time for him.

A dog needs you to allocate time for him. His training needs time. Playing takes time. Buying food or medicine takes time. The list goes on and on. 

This means you’re willing to spend a chunk of your time with your pal instead of doing something else. 

Your time is important. Your work, education and loved ones are important… 

But so is your furry friend. 

TOP SIGN: If he dies, that’s really, REALLY (x1,000,000) SAD.

Most often than not, you have mementos of your dog. It can be pictures, videos or items. Sometimes, it’s just the really the memories: may it be good or bad.

If he died, you’ll remember either…

— the first time you saw him.

— the first time he came to your house

— the time you spent during his potty training, How many poo and pee did you clean up? 

— the times he nibbled your cellphone or whatever he can get his teeth on as a puppy

— the joy of seeing him sit when you said sit

— the times he jumped to you when you came home 

— the times he licked your face 

— the times you scolded him for being a bad dog 

— when he chased the toy you just threw

— his mischievousness (in my case, if we caught him nibbling something he shouldn’t, he’d run under the bed)

— cried or told him your problems even if you’re not sure if he’d understand… but you’d still tell him anyways because you know he’ll understand (ironic but true) 

— panicked when he got sicked 

— watched him grow from being a puppy to a dog. 

— the times your little buddy was with you through your life 

— and so much more

and if he’s gone…… OH SHUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

So ladies and gentlemen, are you a dog’s owner, master or friend? 

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