Sporting Dogs: German Wirehaired Pointer and Vizsla

Here are two pointers from the Sporting Group of dog breeds: one is from Germany and the other from Hungary.

German Wirehaired Pointer 

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Called the Deutsch-Drahthaar, which, literally translated, stands for German Wirehair. A clear-cut breed in Germany since 1870 and among its most popular hunting dogs, he was utilized on game birds and waterfowl. First brought to the U.S. about 1920, where he attained considerable popularity. His crude, wiry coat, water-repellent to some extent, protects him in tough cover and weather.

WEIGHT: about 50-60 pounds

HEIGHT: males 24-26 inches; females smaller

COLOR: liver and white—spotted, ticked, or roaned. 


A pointing breed of Hungary. The Vizsla’s beginnings are obscure but his ancestors perhaps were the hunters and keeps company the Magyars who settled more than a thousand years ago in what is now Hungary. Gentle and responsive, he is a multipurpose dog for work on upland game, on hares, and for water bird retrieving. Preferred by sportsmen as a keen and close working dog. He is a medium-size dog, full-bodied but relatively lightly built.

WEIGHT: 45-60 pounds

HEIGHT: males 22-24 inches; females 21-23 inches

COLOR: golden rust. 

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