Take Care of Your German Shepherd’s Health

German shepherds are beautiful dogs. They are smart and loving and will make great pets for families with children. They are also great dogs for handicapped people. The German shepherds is loving, loyat and protective of his family.

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German shepherds are very popular dogs.  They make great family pets as they are very good with children.  They are a very versatile dog and are used by people who are handicapped.  They are very popular as law enforcement dogs and are often used in the military.

There is no reason for any German shepherd or any dog for that matter to suffer from pain, disease or illness.    You must feed your German shepherd a good and healthy diet, brush his teeth as often as possible, groom him regularly and give him plenty of exercise and attention.  Love and attention is very important for a German shepherd as this is what they thrive on and live for.

The German shepherd became so popular that breeders became focused on producing large numbers of puppies and not quality puppies and this led to some of the puppies having inherited medical problems.  Hip dysplasia which is a joint disease became very common in German shepherds at this time.  You should always get your German shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder that has his dogs OFA certified and this will help prevent you from getting a puppy that will later develop hip dysplasia. 

German shepherd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your German shepherd puppy must be socialized at an early age and this will help him be calm and comfortable around people.  A dog that is nervous and stressed will develop digestive problems that can be very serious. 

German shepherds can develop flea allergies and food allergies.  Be sure you keep your dog free from fleas and always feed him a well balanced and high quality dog food.

Your German shepherd should also have a check up once a year by your veterinarian.  You will need to find a veterinarian that is familiar with German shepherd health problems.  Your veterinarian must also know about all the hereditary diseases that affect the German shepherd breed.  Not all veterinarians are familiar with the health problems of German shepherds. You must make sure your German shepherd gets all his vaccinations and is wormed on a regular basis.

Have your German shepherd’s eyes, heart, lungs, ears, mouth, teeth and coat checked by a veterinarian on regular bases.  Your dog will also be checked for any lumps, bumps, cuts or bruises that he may have.  It would be a good idea to get pet insurance for your German shepherd.

It is also a good idea to take your German shepherd to the veterinarian for social visits as this will let him know that when he goes to the veterinarian it is not always bad.  Your German Shepherds health and socialization is very important.  Keep your German shepherd healthy and happy and you will have years of enjoyment with your dog.



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    I have a German/husky mix. It’s good to know this info. Thanks.

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    Pets are a responsibility. If people can’t take care of their pets properly, they shouldn’t have them.

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    Nice info! I guess I got a lot to learn about dogs though I’ve had them all my life

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    Nice info! I guess I got a lot to learn about dogs, though I have had them all my life. Thanks

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    Thanks for reading my article. German shepherds are great dogs.

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    Very good article. We had a German Shepherd when I was a little girl. He ran away and we never found him again. He was a good dog.

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