The Advantages of Owning Multiple Dogs

Have you considered adding a second dog to your household? Here are the many advantages to owning multiple dogs.

Owning a dog can be a very satisfying experience. It’s good to have a wagging tail and a playful greeting when you walk in the front door after a long day at work. If one dog is fun, would two or more be even better? That’s a question a lot of one dog owners eventually end up asking themselves. What are the advantages to owning multiple dogs?

Companionship For Your First Dog

Being a multiple dog household means that your dogs will always have the companionship of another canine. This is of particular importance if you work long hours and have limited time to spend with your dog. Dogs are pack animals and crave almost constant companionship and stimulation. Adding a second dog can give your first dog the companionship he or she needs on a daily basis. This may also reduce the incidence of separation anxiety which can be a problem when your single dog becomes destructive from the frustration at being left alone.

Companionship For You

Being a multiple dog household means more companionship for you. If one dog is fun to love, imagine how it feels to have more than one loving dog vying for your attention?

Owning Multiple Dogs Can Be An Interesting Experience

When you only have a single dog, you miss out on the interaction that occurs between dogs in a pack. By having multiple dogs, you get a better understanding of pack behavior and the interaction between pack members. Owning multiple dogs can be a fun and educational experience.

Getting a Second Dog Can Revitalize An Older Dog

It’s not uncommon for a slightly depressed older dog to regain some of his original spunk and vitality when a younger dog comes into the household. A second, younger dog may be a way to get your senior dog off of the couch.

It Can Be Therapeutic For A Shy Or Fearful Dog

If your current dog is shy and fearful around people or other dogs, getting a second dog may help to socialize your shrinking violet. Many families recount stories of how their first dog’s personality changed for the better after adding a second dog to the household.

Getting A Second Dog Can Help Ease The Pain Of The Passing Of Your First

If your first dog is getting up in years, adding a second dog can be a source of comfort when your first dog eventually passes away. Although nothing except time really alleviates the pain of this sad experience, a second dog can make the house seem less empty.

Adding a second dog to your household can be a satisfying experience, although it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. Make sure you have the time and inclination to train a second dog so he or she can be a good companion for you and your first dog.

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