The Art of Stress Relief for Dogs

Is your dog high strung and stressed out? Here are some practical ways to relieve stress in your dog.

Are you the owner of a high strung, nervous dog? Does your dog experience separation anxiety? If so, you need effective strategies to help calm and soothe your dog’s high strung nature. The good news is there are practical ways to do just that. Here are some ideas to soothe your hyper canine and help to relieve your dog’s stress:

A Calming Massage

A soothing massage may be just what the doctor ordered for your stressed out canine. A twenty minute massage every few days can work wonders towards relaxing your dog and helping him to feel more relaxed and secure. If you don’t know the proper technique for massaging your dog, there are a variety of web sites that can instruct you on the proper procedure. You don’t need to send your dog to a professional masseuse when it’s easy to do a calming massage at home.

Give your Dog Chew Toys

Giving your dog a dog safe bone to chew on can be a highly effective way to relieve canine stress. The simple act of chewing helps to relieve your dog’s frustration and keep him occupied so he doesn’t get bored and destructive. It’s best to avoid giving your dog a bone when he’s going to be unsupervised due to the possibility of choking. .

A Daily Walk or Two

Exercise is an excellent form of stress relief for anxious canines. A fast paced walk promotes release of brain biochemicals called endorphins which help to give both dogs and humans a greater sense of well being. Not only will your dog feel less stress, it just may help you relieve some stress of your own.

Give your Dog a Set Routine

Dogs thrive on routine and stability. Your dog will feel much less stress on a daily basis if you subject him to the same routine on a daily basis. While routine may be boring to a human, dogs appreciate stability. Feed your dog, walk him, and send him to sleep at the same time each day and your dog will manifest fewer signs of stress.

Use Aromatherapy

Many dog owners report that certain essential oils have a calming effect on dogs with frazzled nerves. One of the best essential oils for stress relief is lavender. Try taping a cotton bowl saturated with lavender essential oil to your dog’s collar or lightly spray lavender spray near your dog’s sleeping area. Some dog owners have noticed that doing this helps to calm a dog who’s afraid of thunderstorms.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to provide stress relief for your harried, stressed out dog. Why not give some of these ideas a try?

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  1. David

    On January 4, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    I would NOT recommend rewarding a dog’s anxiety with a massage or toy UNTIL it has had an invigorating walk to give the anxiety and excess energy a healthy outlet.
    If you’d written this with the WALK as number one and stressed the importance of walking your dogs, big and small, every day. I’d have given you a link from my blog and a digg.

  2. Denise

    On February 13, 2008 at 1:28 pm

    My spaniel is very stressed when one of us goes into a shop and will whine for up to 30 mins. I have done all of the above. He is great at home, but I have found that he is very frisky after a walk. Is there anything else I have not tried…..?

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