The Five Least Effective Guard Dog Breeds

Are you looking for a dog to help guard your home? You may want to reconsider purchasing one of these guard dog breeds.

Each dog breed has its own unique characteristics that make it special. Some dog breeds are exceptionally intelligent while others are good guard dogs or are unusually athletic. Some types of dogs have their weaknesses too. Here are the top five dog breeds that, although lovable and affectionate, have the distinction of being the worst guard dog breeds:

  1. The Bloodhound

    Even though this breed doesn’t excel at being a guard dog, they have a special talent all their own .They have the most sensitive nose of all dogs which makes them excellent trackers. You just don’t want to give them the job of guarding your house. Inherently good natured, this dog just doesn’t have it in him to be a tough guard dog breed.

  2. The Newfoundland

    This is another good natured, inherently sweet gentle giant who adores their family. They thrive on a great deal of companionship and may experience separation anxiety when you leave them home alone. They also tend to be excellent dogs with children. Because of their gentle, sweet temperament, they generally rank very low on lists of top guard dog breeds. If you want a beautiful dog with a sweet disposition, the Newfoundland may be for you. Some drawbacks to this breed include their high price, their tendency to slobber, and the fact that they shed profusely.

  3. The Saint Bernard

    This dog is just an all around “nice guy”. Gentle with children and friendly with adults, they’re guaranteed to win your heart. If they weren’t so large, they’d probably crawl up in your lap and nap while you while television. Even though their massive build might make them intimidating to a burglar, their good nature makes them a less than effective guard dog breed.

  4. The Bassett Hound

    This dog breed is sweet and gentle by nature and is a natural with children of all ages. Of course these traits aren’t going to earn them any nominations for guard dog of the year. Although they make excellent family pets, don’t count on them to save your home from a determined burglar.

  5. The Old English Sheepdog

    If you want a dog that will get along with your family, the Old English Sheepdog is a great choice. They tend to treat strangers with the same warm affection they show their owners and family which, unfortunately, makes them a less than effective guard dog breed. They love human companionship and would probably attempt to befriend an invader into your home. It’s the sweet disposition that makes this dog breed so endearing. Just make sure you have another dog around to guard your home!

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  1. Kylde

    On November 18, 2007 at 5:32 am

    I’d tend to disagree about the bassett hound, they’re one of the most stubborn breeds I’ve ever owned (not a bad trait). This stubbornness gives them the aggression of a much larger dog when their loyalty is called into play

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