The Four Best Large Dog Breeds for Couch Potatoes

Are you looking for a large breed dog to share the couch with you? Here are four of the best large dog breeds for laid back people.

Are you looking for a large, laid back dog to share your couch as you watch your favorite television shows? There’s no doubt that each dog breed has its own unique personality characteristics. Some dogs such as the German shepherd and Border collie are energy in motion, preferring to be outdoors herding small children and other animals, catching a ball, or running three miles around the neighborhood rather than spending time indoors. Others are content to curl up on the couch and quietly spend time with you. If you’re looking for the latter type of canine, here are some breeds to consider. Here they are, the best large breed dogs for laid back people.

  1. English Mastiff

    Don’t be fooled by his imposing size, the mastiff is loving, loyal, and patient even with young children. This dog has a low energy level and is perfectly content to spend his time snoring by your side rather than chasing a ball in the back yard. Yes, he snores loudly and may even drool a little, but some people think this adds to the charm of the breed. A twenty to thirty minute walk once a day is all of the exercise this massive breed needs. The rest of the time he’ll spend quietly by your side.

  2. Greyhound

    Surprised to see this breed on the list? Despite their racing history and their smooth athleticism on the track, they’re remarkably calm and laid back as pets. Although they need regular exercise, they’re not a breed that will pace the floor with a ball waiting for you to go outside and entertain them. They can be rather slow to housebreak, but once you’ve overcome that barrier a greyhound can be a loving and devoted pet.

  3. English Bulldog

    If you don’t mind a little drooling, an English bulldog is another low key choice. Of all of the “laid back” breeds, the English bulldog is probably the least inclined towards formal exercise, preferring a spot on the couch to a brisk walk. Despite their easy going nature, a bulldog can be stubborn and slow to follow commands – not because he doesn’t understand them, but because he just doesn’t want to do them.

  4. Great Pyrenees

    This gentle giant will take up a lot of space on the couch, but he’s intensely loyal and protective with a calm, easy going temperament. Although a Great Pyrenees can be destructive when not mentally stimulated, he generally isn’t rambunctious or hyperactive. A short walk every day is all this breed requires in the way of exercise. One caveat, prepare for lots of shedding and vacuuming.

Other large dog breeds to consider? The Newfoundland, Great Dane, and St. Bernard are good choices. If you’re looking for a laid back dog, there are advantages to adopting an adult who’s already passed through their puppy phase. Plus, you’ll be giving a dog a second chance.

Other large breed dogs that are generally calm include the Newfoundland, St. Bernard, and Great Dane. Keep in mind that many of these dogs can be adopted as adults through rescue organizations. If you’re looking for a laid back dog, there are advantages to adopting an adult who’s already passed through their puppy phase. Plus, you’ll be giving a dog a second chance.

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