The Proper Way to Walk Your Dog

Tips on how to walk your dog properly without him walking you.

All dogs need to be walked on a daily bases but if your encountering walks that turn into a tug of war then this article should help you and your dog to make walks more enjoyable. Even if you have an oversized back yard where they can run they still need to go for a daily walk. Walking for a dog gets rid of the physical and mental energy he has built up.
When you take your dog for a walk and let him walk in front of you by doing this you are telling him that he is the pack leader which can cause problems in other areas. Dogs should walk behind you or by your side, never in front!

When you’re ready to take your dog out make your dog come to you to get hook to their leash don’t go to him. You can call him but don’t move toward him. When they do come to you make them sit calmly before you put the leash on. It is best to use a nylon leash not a retractable one. Take your dog to the door and open it. Don’t let your dog run through the door if this happens, return him inside and start again. The point here is that your dog knows it’s you who decides when to leave. Make sure you take the first step outside.

The collar should be high on the neck which gives you more control. There should be no tightness to the leash. This is where you have to relax don’t let the dog pull on you and don’t pull on your dog only if he is not obeying your commands. If your dog starts to pull then give the leash a quick snap to get his attention back on you. When you start your walk do not call your dog. Pack leaders don’t call the ones behind them. You have to think in canine sense they are dogs not humans. Don’t talk to your dog or praise him he is walking the way he should.

When walking your dog stay in control don’t let him stop to go potty until you want him to. Don’t let him sniff the ground this way he knows you are in charge. Don’t let other animals distract your dog, if you pass another animal just keep on walking and don’t tolerate any distractions from your dog. If your dog starts paying attention to other things on your walk get his attention back by snapping the leash. If your dog insists on pulling, stop the walk and make him sit until you are ready to move again. It is ok to nudge your dog in the side to get his attention. This doesn’t mean kicking him but sometimes a light nudge works wonders. It is best to walk your dog briskly, keeping your shoulder back and your head high.

Dogs can pick up on lack of confidence very easily. Be consistent and you should have your dog taking wonderful walks with you on a daily bases. Patience and consistency is the key to walking your dog properly.

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  1. Mary

    On October 22, 2008 at 7:11 am

    Great Article

  2. sharron rodgers

    On October 22, 2008 at 8:41 am

    very good info to know

  3. denus

    On February 26, 2009 at 11:39 pm

    good tips!

  4. Susan

    On February 28, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    Not “in depth” enough for me. My 2yr old poodle (adopted from a shelter two weeks ago) insists on sniffing and won’t go ‘potty’ in the same area twice in a row…it’s as if he has to find a new spot each time. I am taking him for a walk…not just to go ‘potty’…How to discern the difference would be helpful…Also, ’snapping’ the leash does not help the sniffing…although he sniffs at the ’side’ of my leg… as opposed to being out in front of me…info on how to ’start and stop walking’ or ‘turning’ would be helpful…as well as… going from a ‘halti’ to a ‘collar’…as I am disabled, a slow walker, and I used the ‘halti’ so he wouldn’t choke himself because my walking wasn’t brisk enough…Also…do you allow the dog to ’sniff’ his neighborhood and ‘mark’ it before you start to train him to ‘heel’…I can’t find an answer to that either…..
    Otherwise…thanx for the info…it’s as if we are halfway there…but always at halfway…and how long does all this take…maybe I’m jumping the gun…or not consistent enough… and the dog senses my confusion and the fact I am disabled because I don’t walk with energy…THANX FOR ANY FURTHER INFO

  5. LJ Spain

    On March 5, 2011 at 1:44 am

    Good tips. My 100 pound, Moses, thinks he is walking me, but I have learned to keep in pretty well in line.

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