The Top 10 Things You Should Think About Before Adopting/ Buying a Dog

This is an article that I wrote to help out people in there decisions on buying or adopting a dog.

  1. Have you ever owned a pet before?
  • The more pet experience you have the more likely you can pick out the dog that will suit you the best. Plus the more time you have been around dogs or other animals the better you will know how they behave and the amount of time they need. So the more pets you have owned or been around the easier your adoption/purchase of a dog will go.
  1. Do you have spare time in which you can spend playing with a dog?
  • Dogs are one of the pets that you have to play with regularly otherwise your dog can become non-social or more aggressive towards people. So it is essential that you play with them for at least 1.5-3 hours per day if not more. This also works into the dog’s health and if you just let your dog lie around all day and not get any exercise your dog can then become lazy and possibly even die due to weight problems. So the more time you spend playing with your dog the better off your dog will be social and health wise.
  1. Is there any space around you that can be used as an outdoor play area for a dog?
  • Dogs have to go outside not only to use the bathroom but also to get fresh air and plenty of exercise. So you need to either have a good amount of property or you will need to figure out the closest and most accessible dog park for your dog. Outdoors is what can change your dog’s attitudes from non-social and unhealthy to a loving social and healthy dog.
  1. Is your house safe for a dog to live in?
  • Dogs are very nosy animals in the way that they always find trouble in any place that they go, whether it is finding some type of rat poison that they see as food or just plain jumping onto a high bed and falling. So you have to think like a dog in the fact that you need to essentially safe proof your house so your dog doesn’t become curious and hurt themselves. Even the slightest fall can very well kill or badly injure your dog to the point in which your dog can become needier.
  1. Do bad smells tend to irritate you a lot?
  • Throughout the beginning stages of raising your dog they will always pee or poop on the carpet, sofa, floor, and many other places. This is all due to the fact that they are not used to your house and they have not yet been trained to use the bathroom outside rather than inside (if you have a puppy). No matter if you get a puppy of a full grown dog you will always smell something that will wrinkle your nose and possibly make you gag. So you have to learn to deal with it, while also training them that they need to use the bathroom outside of you living quarters.Might seem really nasty in the beginning but as you go along getting a dog will make you happier than ever.

6.                   Would loud noises cause conflicts within your living quarters?

  • All dogs large or small bark which can be known as the most annoying thing they will ever do. You have to see if the barking of the dog might affect people around you if you live in an apartment or a condo. This can cause you to lose your dog which is the worst thing in the world because you feel as if they are more than family. This is why you might want to speak with your manager before the adoption or purchase of a dog.
  1. Can you afford to buy all the necessary products you would need to own a dog?
  • A dog from the beginning of the process can cost you anywhere from $200+ because you have to purchase the dog, crate, food, vet (shots), toys, treats, and more. So if you are not financially well you might want to think about working and extra job or not getting a dog. Even though dogs can be so much fun you don’t want to cause a crisis through debt.
  1. Can you spend a large amount of time with your dog right when you get it?
  • When you first get a dog you need to play with the dog a lot so that the dog will become social and like to interact with people rather than growl. This is just because the dog needs to get to know you and people because to them we are strange things that like to play with them as if they were toys. So even if you are unable to spend like the first couple of day’s non-stop playing with your dog doesn’t mean you can’t get an older dog that would suit you just as well.
  1. What type of dog would suit your family the best?
  • When picking a type of dog you have to think size do you want big or small this will be decided by space and preference. Then you have to look and see if anybody in your family has allergies to dog hair in that case you need a dog that doesn’t shed like a poodle. Finally you have to think about what breed of dog do you want and are you going to train this do to do agility or any other skills. This is because different breeds are best at different talents, such as the Border Collie is best at herding sheep and agility. After you go through all those categories you must then find the dog you want to adopt or buy by Internet or other ways.
  1. Do you have any other pets that the dog might not interact well with?
  • One other big thing you might want to look at is do you have any other pets that might interact in aggressive ways to a dog. These animals could be cats, dogs, snakes, and many other pets. But for the most part animals will learn to get along with each other because they see there is no other way out.

If you seem to be ready after reading all the possible ways getting a dog could be a bad choice for you specifically. Then you might want to start the searching and purchasing of a dog process. This can be a long process as you might have to wait for the type of dog you want to show up on the Internet or in the local animal shelter. But believe me it is worth the wait because dogs are more than just some old regular pet like a hamster, they are family and that is why they can be called man’s best friend. I hope this article either helped you in preparing yourself to get a dog or made you aware of things that could make your dog experience a bad one.

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