Things You Should Know About Parrots

Parrots make great pets but they are a lot of work. Amazon parrots are the largest and most colorful. They are also good talkers but they require constant attention to keep them happy. Cockatoos are large but they do not require as much time.

Case of Macaw Butt (Photo credit: The_Gut)


Bringing a parrot home for the first time can be like adding a new member to the family.  They must be treated like members of the family to keep them healthy and happy.   It is sometimes hard to understand why parrots do what they do. Some pet parrots adjust well and will eat whatever you give them and some will not.  If the larger parrots like the Macaws and Amazons do not get a lot of attention they will get stubborn and moody.  They need constant attention to help keep them healthy and happy.  If they do not get your attention they will get very bored and destructive.  A talking parrot can give you a lot of enjoyment.

If you want some color in your life get a macaw.  The blue and gold macaw is great.  The green wing macaw is a great parrot to have as a pet.  Macaws need a lot of attention or they will pluck their feathers, scream and tear up their home and toys.

Cockatoos are the best large parrots for pets.  The cockatoo has a great temperament and they usually behave very well.  You will not be able to resist falling in love with a rose breasted cockatoo.

Conures are also a colorful bundle of feathers that will win you over with their playful and sweet disposition.  Conures are lively but quiet in many ways.  They will return the love and attention you give them many times over.

Lovebirds are meant to be loved and cared for as they are so sweet and everyone that is around them will fall in love with them.   African lovebirds are the cutest things and you will fall in love.  They will become moody and irritating if they do not receive a lot of attention and love.  A pet lovebird is to be cherished and loved.  Lovebirds will fill your life with love

Parrots or Parakeets are sensitive birds that need a lot of care and maintenance.  The Quaker parakeet is a beautiful sight.  They imitate human speech and will learn tricks.  Your parrot or parakeet must have good training to behave properly.

Cockatiels are darling pets and they are smart, social and can learn to talk very well.  Owning a cockatiel will give you great pleasure.

Budgies make wonderful pets and they are one of the sweetest birds kept as pets.  They will learn to talk if you spend a lot of time with them.

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