Top 10 Most Loved Dogs

When it comes to owning a dog, we often find ourselves asking a lot of questions. Am I ready for a high-maintenance dog? Do I want a small dog or a big one?

The final decision should be made upon your lifestyle. You can find a dog that fits your lifestyle and that way, both the dog and you can live happily ever after. The list goes from the least to the most popular and the research was carried out by The American Kennel Club.

  1. Shih-Tzu

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    It is good to know that Shih-Tzu means ‘lion’ and this is for a particular reason. These types of dogs are playful and sweet but are not afraid to fight for their rights. Their long flowing coat is the most distinctive feature and requires a lot of care. The Shih-Tzu requires minimal exercise and is always lively, alert and friendly.

  2. Poodle

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    Another one with a long high-maintenance coat, but this dog is actually a high achiever in the world of canines. When it comes to obedience training, the Poodle excels. Since this kind of breed was originated as a water retriever, it requires a lot of daily exercise. So if you have a hectic life-style and minimal time for a dog, then this dog is not for you. It is also good to know that the Poodles coat is hypoallergenic, and may reduce allergic reactions.

  3. Bulldog

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    These dogs appear to be very butch, but on the contrary they are very equable and resolute. Notice that even though they like it, they are not a lap dog. Their popularity is due to their lovable and gentle manners. Bulldogs also tend to form strong bonds with kids and will do anything in their power to protect their family.

  4. Dachshund

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    This type of dog is very lively and has a friendly personality. Their bodies are long and low and they are eager hunters. They are very low-maintenance and require moderate exercise and they can learn to adapt to their living environment.

  5. Boxer

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    Like the Bulldog this dog may appear fierce and in fact they are, but only when it comes to guard their owner. Boxers are highly intelligent and very good athletes and love to be around people. It is also good to know that Boxers are sometimes used as a seeing-eye-dog. This kind of breed longs for that human touch, especially from kids. You’d be surprised as to how patient they are when it comes to being around children.

  6. Beagle

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    A top 10 list with this type of dog is not a list at all. This is a very low-maintenance dog with a happy-go-lucky character. Beagles are avid hunters and since when they started as a breed they used to live in packs, the Beagle naturally enjoys being around other dogs and humans. Also know that this dog can be very, very mischievous if not trained or given daily training.

  7. Golden Retriever

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    If you want a dog that is very intelligent and eager to please, then stop looking. This dog does all that and more. They are often used as rescue dogs since they are active and energetic and eager to learn. This breed is beautiful to own and surely a joy to own.

  8. German Shepherd

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    This type of dog is a dependable breed and a very hard worker, that’s why it is the favorite choice for police, guards and military. They are also very protective of their family and very direct and fearless. This dog is most loyal towards his/her family. Only requires regular grooming and exercise.

  9. Yorkshire Terrier

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    While not one of my favorites, it is liked by a lot of people. Small dog, but has a big personality. This dog is very energetic, determined and brave and they also happen to be investigative by nature. This dog only needs a little amount of exercise but needs a lot of interaction with human beings.

  10. Labrador Retriever

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    I am not surprised at all that this dog is topping up the charts. It has been the favorite dog in America for 18 consecutive years. Labradors are very gentle, loving and intelligent. They simply live for pleasing their owner and therefore make excellent guide dogs. This dogs is happiest in an active family or as a hunting companion.

I feel the need of making one last mention here, which will be an honorable mention. While they are not Americas favorites, they are my all-time favorites. We have been breeding them in my family for a long time and none of them ceased to amaze us so far. Contrary to what people believe, Dalmatians are intelligent but have a short attention span. They are also very well muscled and have excellent endurance.

Many people buy Dalmatians for the children without educating themselves about this particular type of breed. Dalmatians were meant to run with horses, fire-engines (and in some countries, years ago, they also used to run with school buses to protect the children), therefore they need a lot of exercise to keep them out of mischief. Another fun fact is that according to Anheuser-Busch’s websites, Dalmatians were historically used as guards as brewers. They used to guard the wagon while the driver delivers the stock.

(Picture of my own dog, taken by me)

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