Top Five Most Trainable Dogs

Dog are great companions, and many people across the world keep them for pets or for working on farms. Here is a list of the top ten most trainable dogs.

Number Five

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman pinschers are well known dogs, and are alert, intelligent and loyal dogs. They used to be used as police and guard dogs, but that is less common these days. This breed has a bad reputation for aggression, but it is widely s mistaken one. Originally Doberman pinschers were bred as personal protection dogs, and were bred to be aggressive. Now days through selective breeding, they have a friendly and happy personality. They can be taught to be guard dogs, and are extremely loyal. They come in many different colours, such as black and tan, brown, rust, blue, and fawn.

Fawn and Rust

Black and Tan



Brown (left) White (right)



Number Four

Golden Retriever

Earning their rank as the fourth most popular family dog in the world, golden retrievers are loyal, great with children, smart and strong. They are bred to be water retrievers, and therefore love swimming, playing and fetching in the water.  They are used as guide dogs, detector dogs, and search and rescue dogs. This intelligence is very important when a guide dog, as they would have to do tasks such as help put on socks, open cupboards and many other tasks. This trainability comes in handy as there are many acting golden retrievers in movies these days. Colours include gold, white, and cream, down to mahogany.


 White to Mahogony

Number Three

German Shepherd

German Shepard are used all over the world as search and rescue dogs, police dogs, detection dogs as well as in the military to warn of enemies and of booby traps. Some military groups even train German shepherds to parachute out of aircraft! Aside from their working life, German shepherds are loyal, loving, protective dogs and are perfect for family life. They like any dog need daily walks, or agility training to be truly happy. These dogs seem to love agility, and are very good at it as well. The colours or German shepherds are red, brown, black, white, black, liver, silver, blue and any combination of these with black except white.

Tan and black






Number Two


Yes these little dogs with the legendary haircut come in at number two. The standard poodle is very intelligent and is very easy to train. They are very affectionate and happy dogs, and can even be trained to be guard dogs. The breed originated in Germany, used for hunting, but was later standardised in France to today’s standards. Poodles are highly skilled in such competitions such as obedience, tracking and even herding. This dog loves exercise and should be taken on a walk on a daily basis. Poodles are great with people, but should be introduced to other pets at an early age. They come in a variety of colours, such as black, white, brown, chalk, cream, apricot, red, and blue.







Number One

Border Collie

This breed originated from England in the 1800’s, and is known for its work ethic all across the world. This dog is highly intelligent and highly active. This is not a breed for the busy owner. Border collies crave attention, and need long walks, swims, runs, hikes or play everyday to stay happy and healthy. This dog loves agility courses, sheepdog trials as well as obedience classes. Make sure this breed is mentally stimulated, or your cute little border collie could decide to use your furniture as a scratching post. This breed comes in many colours, such as the classic black and white, red and white, chocolate and white, tri colour (tan black and white), blue and white, and the rarer lavender and white as well as the yellow and white or the ‘Australian Red’. This dog loves to learn tricks, and is a great learner. Sometimes this can be a problem though, because border collies may take a change in the pitch of your voice or a hand movement as a different command entirely. All it takes is for you to move your hand the wrong way when saying sit for it to turn around and bolt all the way across to the other side of the park. Overall, border collies are lovely pets, and are number one on our list of highly trainable dogs.

Australian Red






Sable brown and white


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