Top Five Online Dog Insurance Providers

A Dog is not just a pet, a man’s best friend or a loyal guard of our house, and more importantly, dogs of every breed and kind possess value sentimentally and monetarily. Owners have the option of insuring their dogs in order to secure their eventual needs for medication, hospitalization and even accidental losses, which leaves us the question, “what are the best dog insurances out there?”

Dogs, like human beings, may eventually require medications, check-ups, hospitalizations and even surgeries, and again similar to human medical needs, dogs’ can also be tremendously expensive. Most accredited pet sellers tend to include a minimal insurance package to the total cost of dogs they sell and provide; however, this insurance policy can be limited in time and in benefits. Hence, some owners prefer to acquire separate and personalized insurance policies for their dogs.

1. VPI Pet Insurance

VPI Pet Insurances provides two options in insuring your dog and these are their Superior Plan and Standard Plan. With the Superior Plan policy, owners receive the higher reimbursements according to the benefit schedule in case the dog encountered accidental injuries, hospital emergencies, illnesses and disease such as cancer, veterinary check-ups, and other medical treatments. The maximum policy term benefit extends to $14,000 for the Superior Plan, while $9,000 for the Standard Plan.

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Unlike other pet insurance holders, VPI policies implement their Benefit Schedule as basis of reimbursements rather than percentage reimbursements depending on the bill. For example, a dog that contracted esophagitis is eligible to reimburse $143 during the primary diagnosis, $236 during primary diagnostic testing and $100 during secondary diagnosis, while for surgical cases, such as cataract surgery, the policy reimburses $1016 during the primary diagnosis, $105 during the primary diagnostic testing, $ 120 on the primary anesthesia allowance, and $711 for secondary diagnosis.


2. Pets Best Insurance


Pets Best offers wide range of policies to suit the need of different dog owners. Illness plan coverage extends up to $42,500 lifetime benefits and a maximum per incident benefit of $2,500 for the Pet Basic Plan, while the Pet First Plan provides $100,000 lifetime maximum benefits and $7,000 maximum benefits per incident. Pets Best also offers higher premium plan called the Pets Premier Plan for interested owners, which is also similar to the First Plan except for the plan’s extended plan provision of $14,000 maximum benefit per incident.

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Pets Best also offers customized insurance policies depending on the needs of their clients. Customized plans extend from Behavioral treatment programs to Mortality expenses for humane reasons such as euthanasia, cremation and others. Personalized insurance policies are categorized into their Basic Plan, First Plan and Premier Plan.


3. Pet Care Insurance Programs

Pet Care Insurance policies offer interested dog owners with six types of insurance programs that suit not only the budget of the owners but also the needs the dog may require eventually. Most of the programs provide reasonable coverage amount and a very reasonable monthly premium.

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The first and the most basic offer they provide is their QuickCare First program that only cost more or else $15.95 monthly, and in return provides owners with maximum of two illness claims per year, which can be foreign body ingestion, motor vehicle accident, bone fractures, euthanasia and even recovery cost.

The MasterCare and MasterCare Complete programs two comprehensive programs providing convenient coverage and owner-friendly monthly premiums. MasterCare plan covers all accidental injuries, provides illness benefits, accidental death, recovery costs, euthanasia, and boarding and kennel fees depending on the coverage plan – Basic, Plus or Premiere. For MasterCare Complete, it covers more convenient coverage amounts similar to the standalone MasterCare plan although lower than the Premiere plan of the standalone MasterCare.

Other insurance plans are the QuickCare Senior, QuickCare Plus and QuickCare Optimum, which all offer almost the same incident coverage and varying monthly premiums depending of course on the coverage amount. QuickCare policies are rather convenient, reasonable and more affordable compared to the MasterCare plans.

4. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance


ASPCA insurance policy is rather the simplified version of the insurance policy for dogs where they provide four levels of coverage particularly for (1) accidents, (2) illnesses, (3) wellness problems, and (4) wellness plus for activities centered on dog health promotion. In addition, ASPCA also offers coverage on ongoing conditions of your pet.

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The insurance policy aims to provide fast, convenient and reliable source of insurance plans for owners to conveniently obtain their benefits once required. ASPCA provides reimbursement-based coverage extending up to 80% of the total bill once the file has been approved. Moreover, the annual deductible is so low owners would only need $100 annually per pet insured under the program. Lastly, obtaining claims is as simply as getting the treatment, filing a claim and getting the 80% of the bill reimbursed once the incident was approved.

5. Go Petplan Insurance Policy


At Go Petplan, they provide three different insurance programs depending on the needs of their clients, and these are their (a) Bronze Plan, (b) Silver Plan and (c) Gold Plan. For their Bronze Plan, it covers a maximum annual benefit of $8,000 for treatments administered by a licensed veterinarian for illnesses and accidental injuries, such as but not limited to hospitalizations, diagnostic tests, surgeries, referrals, prescription medications, and others. The Silver Plan covers a maximum of $12,000 annually for veterinary fees and treatments as mentioned above plus boarding kennel fees, advertising & reward and loss of dog due to theft or straying. Lastly, the Gold Plan provides the most prestige and highest maximum annual benefit of $20,000 covering benefits similar to Silver Plan except with the additional coverage for death due to illness or injury and vacation cancellations.

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