Top Ten Dog Breeds That Bite

Here is a list of Ten Dog Breeds known to attack and bite.

Over the years, a dog has become man’s best friend and most loyal companion. It has been widely kept as pets to provide companionship and security for its owner. But even though a dog is brought up as a pet, it can still pose a threat. Dogs can be dangerous and could attack anyone even their owners. Research found that lack of training and poor socialization could develop an ill-tempered dog that could eventually attack and bite.  Here are the top ten dog breeds that bite as taken from CDC over the last 20 years.

10. Great Dane. The Great Dane or also known as Danish Hound is one of the world’s tallest dogs. It is often referred to as the Gentle Giant due to its enormous size yet friendly nature. But although it is the case, it has been known to attack unfamiliar humans especially when threatened. This breed of dog however, will make an excellent companion provided with good training and socialization.

9. Doberman Pinschers. You may have seen them in movies, and I, for one, could not forget the horrifying image portrayed by a zombie Doberman in the movie, Resident Evil, and I think it’s going to stay that way for quite awhile. However, Doberman Pinschers are great as guard dogs because of their alertness, loyalty and not to mention, frightening barks. This breed of dog has been known to attack humans resulting in fatalities.

8. Chow Chows. I’m a bit surprised this breed even made it to the list and they even topped the breed on the 9th spot. Aren’t Chow Chows just plainly adorable like a stuffed animal? Well, don’t be fooled for this cute and cuddly breed can attack especially when poorly trained. Chow Chows are aloof and are known to be loyal only to one. If you’re someone unfamiliar, beware of this lion-look-alike.

7. Mixed Breeds. You cannot predict their temperament because they come from a mixed parentage hence, the name. These breeds are potentially dangerous especially when they are not properly trained.

6. Wolf-dog Hybrids. This breed seems powerful as suggested by the name. A product of a wild wolf and a stray domestic dog, you can only imagine how potentially dangerous this hybrid can be. They are a mix of genetic traits just like the Mixed Breeds, rendering their temperament unpredictable. With their predatory instincts you can assume that these dogs potentially pose a threat to humans and are not suitable to be kept as pets.

5. Malamutes. These are wolf-like breeds but only more gorgeous-looking. They are ideal as family dogs and are sought-after for that reason. However, these dogs easily get bored and therefore need a great amount of exercise, if not, they’ll become destructive and may find other means to deal with their agitation.

4. Huskies. Huskies are originally used as sled dogs. They are not to be confused with other wolf-like breeds like the malamutes. These dogs are known to be intelligent and they can be energetic as well. With proper training, these dogs can be great as pets.

3. German Shepherds. . They are naturally intelligent which is why they are used by the police squad to join the team.

In the US, German Shepherds are accounted for more reported bite cases than any other breeds. However, this breed can become great pets if properly trained and socialized; and they can be overprotective of its territory and family too which make them family dogs.

2. Rottweilers. They do have frightening looks as opposed to a Chow Chow. Not only does a Rottweiler look ferocious but it is in fact, potentially dangerous. Due to their territorial instincts, these dogs can attack hence, taking the number 2 spot.

1. Pitbulls. Yes. The number 1 spot belongs to them. I’m not surprised. Pitbulls are known to be bullies, aggressive, ferocious, and whatever word you can come up with that implies the same meaning. They are responsible for most dog-bite cases recorded hence, taking on the number 1 spot. They have been typecast as the vicious dog in the neighborhood that you should always watch out for. But are pitbulls really all that? I know and I’ve been with people own pitbulls and they turn out to be gentle, loving breeds who only need constant loving and care—not constant time spent in arenas for fighting.

See, there is neither a perfect nor an ideal dog. There is just a responsible and loving owner who will show them the proper way to behave. “Dogs live in the now” as quoted by Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan. What they need is positive reinforcement, regular exercise, a great deal of socialization, respect and most of all, love. If these things are given to the top 10 breeds of dogs that bite, I don’t think this list will even exist. It’s never about the dog. It’s always about the owner and how he handles the dog.

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